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How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft?



How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft?

How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft?

If you are a game lover, you must be familiar with one of the most popular game sets called Minecraft. It was launched in the year 2015 by Mojang. As soon as Minecraft hit the online website, it received an overwhelming response, and every month 91 million people across the world logged in to see what the hype is all about but recently the game Minecraft has started showing an error that says$AnnotatedChannelexception- referring the connection is refused-no further information given*. This error is commonly faced while connecting to the server and had been reported by thousands of people who are indulged in Minecraft.

 Reasons for connection refused error

Since thousands of people all over the globe experienced the error and reported it to the authorities. And because of that, the company looked into the reasons as well as the solutions that are connected or related to the error being encountered.

  • IP Issues

The basic issue encountered is the use of false IP addresses. The IP address and the connection port are the two basic components that allow the user to connect to the server. Hence, the editing of the IP address is highly important because more than one individual might be using the same IP address leading to a connection error.

  • Firewall

The next point that might be an exclusive reason for connection failure is the window firewall. As the window firewall might be leading to a failure in connecting to the server. To avoid it, one must add the game directory and Java files to the exclusive list, thus preventing further connection failure to the server.

  • Outdated Java

The game Minecraft works in association with upgraded java software. So in case, you have outdated java software on your device and the game Minecraft launcher has upgraded his software, then issues are likely to surf to the ground. Therefore make sure you upgrade your software now and then to ensure there’s no error expected.

  • Incompatible software

Last but not least, certain software is not appropriate for the Minecraft game and shows continuous connection errors to the server. The most commonly preferred software is the java software, and it works well with the game Minecraft. So switch your device to the latest version of the java software and enjoy the game.

The reasons reported so far with the game are listed above, and with knowledge of these, one can avoid connection errors.


Now certain solutions can fix$Annotatedconnectionexception in Minecraft game. Let’s have a look at these.

How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft?

Add exceptions to firewall settings in Minecraft software:

 This is an extremely important measure, and one must follow the following steps to add exceptions to the firewall settings to avoid connection errors.

  1. First, visit the windows search bar and there click over the updates and security option.
  2. Now direct to the window security present on the left and select the firewall and network connection option.
  3. Next, descend and click over the Allowapp to the firewall selection option
  4. Again click the allow app option once again
  5. You are now supposed to browse the game installation directory
  6. You are requested to repeat the last two steps, but this time you must browse to the directory
  7. Next, open up the Minecraft server folder Maxwell
  8. Repeat step number 4 again
  9. Move to the java SE binary list
  10. Make sure java se binary options are visible to both private and public networks.
  • Delete the unstable software 

The next measure is to get rid of the unwanted and incompatible software. Sometimes our device has software that does not work well with the Minecraft game and reports an error; thus, in such cases, it is best to avoid software that is not compatible such as Virtual Ethernet with Hamachi.

The most well-suited software reported so far is the upgraded version of the java software. To remove the unexpected software, open the command prompt and write ipconfig. Now sort and fond out the configuration that stated virtual Ethernet in case this is your software and after noting the address visit the control panel to remove it.

  • Reset the router 

The most basic solution is to reset the router or modem and always look into the internet connection before you start the game. Many a time, we have the correct IP address with upgraded desired software, but still, we encounter connection problems. In such cases, the best possible solution is to switch off the router and reconnect it after a few minutes. If it still doesn’t work, refresh all the router settings and make it work this time. And it will solve all the connection issues, and you can carry to the game.

  • Use a trusted VPN source.

You might eagerly want to play Minecraft, but you don’t have a trusted VPN source. That’s not a big issue. Many a time, the game is restricted or blocked in certain areas, and we fail to connect to the server. The same story is with VPN. If you continue to use different servers, then you might end up blocking your VPN source; thus, use trusted VPN sources. And if you make a change of the region and make the best use of a trusted source, you can easily connect to the server and enjoy the Minecraft game.

  • Reinstall Minecraft 

Last but not least, another prompt solution allows recovery, and that is to reinstall the game. Because there are chances that your game data is all corrupted, causing major issues to connect to the server and the game. So it is best to simply reinstall Minecraft and see how it works well with it.

Final thoughts!

Game lovers often come across issues that disturb their game so badly, but there are always solutions to every game problem. With Minecraft, you can look into the above solutions and the reasons that pop up such issues and get a free solution to all the causes of conflict.








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These are totally urdu and turkish language whatsapp groups for diifferent drama series, we are here to share latest active whatsapp group links to join and make a friends forever!


Turkish Drama in Whatsapp Group Link

Turkish Drama WhatsApp Group Link in Urdu

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Turkish Drama Whatsapp Groups Rules:

Always follow the rules and policies of the Turkish BTS Drama WhatsApp groups link, otherwise, the admin has the authority to kick out any group members!

  • Don’t use Turkish BTS Drama Whatsapp groups for selling courses or advertising purposes.
  • Get daily Turkish drama updates and episodes.
  • Only share Turkish BTS drama links, not another country.
  • Only Turkish & urdu languages, not English or others.
  • You can allow Turkish related news updates.
  • Share posts according to the topic of groups for Turkish Drama.
  • Only share drama-related updates.
  • Don’t do any kind of spam in groups.
  • Don’t change icons or group names without the permission of admins.
  • Don’t promote ads, affiliate links, or websites, only relevant information, topics or queries can. by post.
  • Don’t text or call any group members without permission, otherwise, members will complain to block you!
  • Please always follow the rules otherwise you will ban from everywhere!

How to Join Korean BTS Drama Whatsapp Groups?

To join WhatsApp groups you need to follow these steps:

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  • Before selecting any group, you must have installed Whatsapp App on your Android or IOS mobile.
  • Now you can find and select any WhatsApp group, you wish to join & click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the WhatsApp official page, Where you click the button “Join Now”.
  • All done, Now you are a member of the Whatsapp group! You can update & descriptions about the Whatsapp group!


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Date A Live Series Watch Order

If you’re a fan of Date A Live, now’s the time to start watching the anime! To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best Date A Live series watch orders.

This list is broken down by season, so if you want to watch all of the arcs in one go, that’s definitely possible! We’ve also included some handy dandy recommendations at the bottom of this post so that you don’t have to waste any time searching for where to start. If you’re looking for a JRPG that’s constantly on the move and has an interesting cast of characters, Date A Live might be the game for you. The series is available to stream on Netflix, so there’s no need to wait to get your hands on it. You can also purchase the games separately or as part of a set.

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If you’re looking for a fun and addicting anime series to watch, Date A Live might be the right one for you. The series follows the lives of high schoolers who are forced to fight against creatures known as “Kamui” that have invaded their world. The first season is available to watch on Netflix, and the second season is set to release in 2020.

Date A Live Series Watch Order

1.Date A Live
Type: TV
Episodes: 12

2.Date A Live: Date to Date
Type: OVA
Episodes: 1

3.Date A Live II
Type: TV
Episodes: 10

4.Date A Live II: Kurumi Star Festival
Type: OVA
Episodes: 1

5.Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1

6.Date A Live III
Type: TV
Episodes: 12

7.Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1

8.Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen
Type: Movie
Episodes: 1

9.Date A Live IV
Type: TV
Episodes: Not Aired

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