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Tier List

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Tier List Guide



Before reading all tiers in detailed please visit for basic tier list of MCOC.

MCOC S-Tier List:


When one of Colossus’ Immunities shields him from an effect, he has a chance of gaining the Armor Up boost, which lasts 15 seconds.


When an opponent’s abilities have a chance to trigger but don’t, they receive 753 Energy Damage over 1.5 seconds. The potency of subsequent triggers reduces briefly.

Omega Red

The opponent possesses at least ten Death Spores. On the opponent, Death Spores deliver damage each second. Basic Tentacle Hits from Omega Red have a chance of being unblockable.


While assaulting his opponent, Namor suffers percent less damage from all sources. Any damage stopped by Hydrokinetic Armor is collected and returned to the Opponent as Energy Damage when Namor stops an Attack.


The toxicity of the Neurotoxin covering Archangel’s wings and claws rises, causing each Neurotoxin charge to reduce Ability Accuracy by percent and block all Regeneration on the victim.


Sunspot’s maximum amount of Solar Charges is increased by X.

Doctor Doom

When Doom nullifies one of his opponent’s buffs, he has a chance to Shock them while also gaining Power Gain Buffs for himself.

Nick Fury

Nick is unblockable while he has 15 or more tactical charges, allowing him to severely punish his opponent.

Corvus Glaive

Glaive cannot die as long as his Immunity is active. 4 Glaive charges are eliminated instead of dying. If Corvus Glaive successfully blocked that attack with a Well-Timed Block, 2 Glaive charges are eliminated instead. The cooldown to reclaim Corvus Glaive’s Glaive charges is lowered by 35% if he can use all of them in less than 30 seconds since they were originally triggered.


Hyperion’s Eternal physiology improves its ability to store and convert cosmic radiation, giving in a boost in Buff duration.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel receives an Indestructible Buff, while Binary Ignition is active. After a second cooldown, this ability can be used again. When Captain Marvel is hit by a Special Attack, the Indestructible Buff and half of his Energy Charges are gone.


Begin phasing for 2 seconds at the start of the fight. When your opponents miss, you’ll get your Max Power each miss.


She has a 76.71% chance of gaining a Combo Shield Passive lasting 2 seconds, plus 2 additional seconds every Digi-Soul, when Guillotine is hit. Damage from incoming attacks, excluding Special 3, is capped at 10% of Guillotine’s maximum health when under the impact of a Combo Shield.


Instead of being erased when all Intimidating Presence Debuffs reach their maximum stacks, they are transformed into a Passive Fear of the Void that combines their effects and provides a Void attack rating for 40 seconds. Intimidating Presence produces Debuffs quicker when Fear of the Void is active. A maximum of two stacks of Fear of the Void can be used.

Captain America (Infinity War)

Captain America is an outstanding leader who learns from his comrades, earning a unique effect for each class represented on his squad, except himself, when kinetically charged. Chance of gaining +1 Kinetic Potential by activating a Special Attack.

When a Debuff is obtained, there’s a chance you’ll be able to purify it by consuming 1 Kinetic Potential. On a Well-Timed Block, there’s a 10% chance of putting a 10% Weakness Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds. Each time a buff on the opponent expires or is nullified, there’s a chance you’ll acquire 1 Kinetic Potential.

A well-timed Block has a chance to provide an Armor Break Debuff to the opponent, lowering their Armor for 10 seconds. A well-timed Block has a chance of applying a 25 percent Petrify Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds.


Quake Blocks additional damage and Redirects it as a pulse of Physical Damage back to the opponent.

Human Torch

Human Torch has a 14.95 percent chance of gaining 1 Persistent Charge if he has no Persistent Charges and his Pre-Fight Ability is not activated. Every time the ability fails to activate, this probability rises by a flat 22%.


Thing triggers Protection for the next 5 seconds (s), which reduces all damage by 70%, plus an additional 1% for each Rock Stack. This ability goes on cooldown when it finishes and cannot be used again for 20 seconds.

When Thing is stunned, Unbreakable Spirit will also activate. When the opponent deals 300 percent or more of their Attack Rating with a Basic Attack or 300 percent or more of their Attack Rating with a Special Attack Hit, Unbreakable Spirit will activate. The ability cooldown is ignored by this trigger.

Visit for Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Tier List 2021

MCOC A-Tier List:


Each time Havok gains a Plasma Charge, from any source other than this ability he has a 50% chance to gain another one.

Wolverine (Weapon X)

The duration of Berserk Rage’s cooldown has been reduced by 7 seconds (s). Each fight begins with a Regeneration Buff that grants up to 4709.7 health based on the number of Rage Charges Weapon had at the end of the previous bout, up to 25.


Sabretooth receives a Passive Regeneration stack that restores 20-60% of the damage absorbed from a hit over the course of 30 seconds but is stopped if Sabretooth is Heal Blocked. Fury and Regeneration have a flat +60-100 percent Ability Accuracy for the rest of their lives. Sabretooth loses Regeneration stacks over time if he does not hit or is struck by the opponent for more than 5 seconds.


Using his Cryokinesis, Iceman chills the air around him to subzero temperatures. This makes his opponent’s Coldsnap active at the start of the battle, delivering Energy Damage over 12 seconds and prevents them from evading strikes. Iceman’s Ice Armor may also be reformed 3 seconds quicker.

Symbiote Supreme

Place a 10-second Stagger Passive effect on the Opponent every 12.51 seconds. The next Buff activated on the Opponent will be nullified by Stagger.

Doctor Voodoo

When Brother Daniel uses a Special Attack, he will possess either Doctor Voodoo or his opponent, switching between them dependent on Doctor Voodoo’s combo meter.


There is a chance of removing any buff and replacing it with Bad Karma. Longshot receives a matching buff for few seconds whenever he nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable buff.


If Mojo has at least 5 million followers when he activates his Anti-Life Field, he receives a Fury Buff for the duration of the Anti-Life Field, raising Attack Rating by +1756.51.


Morningstar’s weapon creates a link between her and her opponent’s souls, allowing her to feed off of their strength while weakening them.

Black Widow

Black Widow hits her targets with deft, measured elegance, lowering the probability of their abilities being activated.

Sorcerer Supreme

The Ability Accuracy of the Sorcerer Supreme is increased by 50%. Blessings have a 33 percent boost in potency.


Magik has a 25% chance of entering a state of Limbo for 3 seconds after filling a bar of Power. After filling two bars, the probability increases by 12.5 percent, and after filling three bars, the chance increases by 25%. Chances have improved based on the current Signature Level.


Gwenpool has read enough comics to know that the main character does not die, therefore Special Attacks do not cause her to lose more than her current health each hit. Based on her present combination count, she additionally decreases her opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy.


When Killmonger is stuck or Blocks an attack, Vibranium Armor triggers Reverberation for 8 seconds, delivering damage back to the opponent. Killmonger inflicts up to 60-140 percent of the incoming damage as Physical Damage, dependent on his stored Power at the moment of activation. After expiring, Reverberation has an 8-second cooldown duration.

Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)

Fury Passives’ potency is increased.


Blade’s healing factor allows him to regain Health for the cost of 30-50 percent of a Bar of Power every second when holding Block when below 70% health.

Hit Monkey

Hit-Monkey Passively decreases the opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40% if they have less than 25% health or are a Mercenary.


Medusa receives a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times and boosting Attack by 218.11 each time. When you reach the maximum amount of Fury Buffs, they will expire 14 seconds later. Medusa has a 10-90 percent chance of Auto Blocking with her hair when struck twice, interrupting the opponent’s combination for 3 Fury Buffs. This may cause Parry to react.


Gives Venom a second Genetic Memory boost, as well as a chance for a third at the start of the fight. Venom’s Genetic Memory boosts additionally and increases potency.

Silver Surfer

On Silver Surfer, all buffs have a 5-50 percent increase in potency.

Cull Obsidian

Cull Obsidian’s Rout Buff goes on cooldown when it expires, and it may be revived after 15 seconds. Cull’s aggressiveness is given a Fury Buff while Rout enters cool down, providing attack for 5 seconds. For each hit landed while Rout was active, this Buff receives +0.5 seconds duration.


On the Combo Meter, get to 100 hits. When she completes this task, she receives a Fury Buff for each mission accomplished at that moment, boosting her Attack Rating by 182-607 for the duration of the fight.

Spider-Man (Stark Suit)

Spider-Man Taunts last 2 seconds longer, and each charge of Poise gives him an extra Critical Rating. In addition, Spider-probability Man’s of evading an attack improves by a flat +7%, and each charge of Poise provides him more Block Proficiency.


Sentinel receives 20 Analysis Charges when the target activates a Special Attack that matches the previously activated Special Attack.


Gain the following benefits when Guardian has the Armor Up effect:

  • +2563.46 Proficiency in Blocks
  • +8392.11 Resistance to Energy
  • Resistance to Bleeding is +79.98%
  • Critical Damage Resistance is +314.01
Iron Man

If Iron Man’s health dips below 15%, he overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest, temporarily prolonging his life span with a burst of X percent Armor and Regeneration.


She-Hulk spends a lot of time researching her opponent and taking away a lot of their power, allowing her to use a Passive effect on them that reduces a certain stat by X% depending on whatever Class they are in.

Red Guardian

For every 40 signature levels achieved, the Ablative Shield’s maximum durability is raised by +1. A maximum gain of +5 is possible. Blocks that are well-timed have a 100.00 percent probability of preventing Durability loss.

Luke Cage

When Luke Cage is hit during a battle, his bullet-proof skin makes him Indestructible, allowing him to disregard any incoming damage for few seconds. After a 45-26 second cooldown, this ability can be used again.

MCOC B-Tier List

Wolverine (X-23)

Wolverine pushes in for the kill as long as the opponent continues to Bleed, boosting Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister takes an opponent’s genetic code each time he beats them, giving him a different Passive ability for the remainder of the mission based on the vanquished Champion’s Class.


Her bolts of lightning deliver more Critical Hit Damage each point of opponent Power as Power surges and pours through her victim.


Wolverine’s inherent healing factor speeds up, providing cumulative Regeneration with a set chance of regaining health.


When Mephisto is attacked, he becomes enraged and has a 5–14.98 percent chance of activating his Aura of Incineration for 4 seconds. On Well Timed Blocks, you have a +120 percent chance of getting the aforementioned.

Scarlet Witch

When either player scores a Critical Hit, the Scarlet Witch’s chaotic magic is triggered, resulting in 0-8 Buffs or Debuffs.


For the first 12 seconds of the combat, use Primal Sense and Huntress Sense.


When Sasquatch’s health is below 40%, a Contact Attack has a 70% chance of activating Sasquatch’s healing factor, which passively regenerates 5% of lost health over 20 seconds and 3 maximum stacks. Sasquatch becomes Passively Unstoppable during Special and Heavy Attacks during Wrath of Tanaraq, and the Opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Rate is lowered by 70% when hit by these Attacks.

Ghost Rider

65 percent probability. Fury is a secondary ability that provides an attack for 7.5 seconds.

Winter Soldier

Bucky’s bionic arm has been upgraded, giving his Critical Hits a 15% chance to Power Drain the opponent for the target’s max Power. The quantity drained grows in proportion to the amount of Critical Hit Damage.

Squirrel Girl

Each duel begins with Squirrel Girl having 40 hits in her Combo Meter. Tippy-Toe has a 70% chance of refreshing each Bleed Debuff instead of removing it when he inflicts an Instant Bleed.

Night Thrasher

Taunt is a 35 percent chance for Heavy Attacks to inflict Taunt, which reduces the opponent’s Attack by 40% and increases their Special Attack ActivatioSunspotn probability by 70% for 10 seconds.


When Carnage activates a Bleed or Armor Break on an opponent, the sight and scent of blood triggers his bloodlust, providing a Power Gain Buff that Stormlasts as long as the opponent is bleeding or armor broken. Depending on how near Carnage is to the Bleeding or Armor Broken opponent, the Power Gain provides up to a Bar of Power every second.


Each Champion on Hela’s squad who is knocked out at the outset of the fight gives her +25 Spirits. Hela receives an Indestructible Buff that lasts for 5 seconds the first time she is knocked out in each fight.


Stunning the Thunder God enrages him, causing him to increase his Attack by 30% for 4.5 seconds. In addition, stunning his opponents rips opposing armor apart.


As Angela enters battle, her focus increases, allowing each Buff active on her to lower the probability of any Nullify abilities triggering against her.

Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel begins to grasp the gravity of the situation, boosting her Fury durations by seconds and the potency of her Fury effects by 10%.


The Vision is the only Synthezoid known to be capable of synthesizing power on a regular basis during battle.


Gamora’s Godslayer sword has an X percent chance of dealing a fatal strike with enormous Critical Hit Damage.


The armored suit is smashed through everything or anyone is in front of it thanks to a rocket-assisted shoulder tackle. Armor Break has a chance of reducing opponent armor and imposing an Armor decrease for some seconds.


Every few seconds, Mysterio produces 1 Chemical Gas.


Star-Lord familiarizes himself with opponents’ techniques as they are exchanged, boosting Attack by up to some percent for every ten of his Combo hits and Block Proficiency by up to every ten of theirs.


The Raptor Armor of Darkhawk gets its strength straight from Null Space, which improves the Armor’s main powers.


When assaulted by an opponent, the flat chance to shrink and Counter Attack has been increased by 20%. In addition, the time it takes for Counter Attack to be disabled after shrinking is lowered by 60%.


Gwen’s critical hits have a chance of doing double damage when in Hunter Spider Mode. Gwen’s critical strikes have chance of weakening opponents in Trap Spider Mode, reducing their attack by 20% for 7 seconds.


When the Hulk takes damage, he becomes enraged and strengthens his attacks by depending on the amount of health he has lost.

Invisible Woman

At the start of the combat, Invisible Woman goes invisible, but it is not paused. When Invisible Woman is pushed down, she has a 50% chance of turning invisible. The Force Field regains 5% of its initial value whenever the Opponent misses.

MCOC C-Tier List:


Every Life or Power Steal has a chance to be Critical, increasing the amount absorbed by absorbing the enemy’s psyche.


Gain a one-of-a-kind bonus dependent on how full the Power bars are at the start of the battle.

Old Man Logan

When Logan snaps his claws for a Special Attack, each attack has a chance to induce an extra Bleed for each charge of Pacifism he possesses at the time, dealing 50 percent of your Attack as direct damage over 3 seconds.


Dormammu uses his opponent’s abilities as a portal into their soul. Dormammu has a 100 percent chance to degenerate his opponent over 10 seconds each time a boost on his opponent expires. The longer it has been since this ability has been used, the more likely it is to be used again.

The Hood

The Hood learns to better control his demonic equipment with the aid of Dormammu. The Hood becomes Stun Immune while his Invisibility is cooling down, and his basic attacks have an X percent chance of stealing 10% of the opponent’s Power.


Guillotine is further empowered by her ancestors’ Souls, which allow her a 10% chance to steal damage inflicted as Health for every 4 Souls she has. Regardless of current Soul count, a minimum of health is stolen.

Task Master

When Taskmaster successfully uses Exploit Weakness, he applies a Concussion Debuff to his opponent, lowering their Ability Accuracy for 6 seconds and resetting the Duration of any currently active Concussions.


Brock Rumlow’s harsh HYDRA training kicks in whenever he gets a Debuff, giving him a chance to shrug it off and turn it into a Fury effect. When battling Science Champions, the probability increases by 15%, and when facing Mutant Champions, the chance decreases by 15%.

Mole Man

Based on missing health, you can gain a Critical Damage Rating. Additionally, when Unstoppable, earn Attack Rating based on missing health.

Black Bolt

A Critical Hit puts Blackagar Boltagon’s temperance to the test. He has a chance to earn a permanent Cruelty or Fury Buff each time he is struck by a Critical Hit, and a 6.5-second Cruelty or Fury Buff each time he strikes with his own Critical Hits.

The Champion

The Champion unleashes the full potential of The Power Primordial when at least one of his Fury Buffs is active. This boosts his Armor Break’s potency by 150 percent. He also becomes Unstoppable when he uses two or more of his Fury Buffs, shrugging off the effect of the opponent’s Basic Attacks for 5 seconds.


Each time a True Strike Buff occurs on Heimdall, he has a 100% chance of triggering a Precision Buff that increases Critical Rating and lasts for 10 seconds.


Annihilus receives 1 Passive Aptitude Effect when his opponent’s back is near a wall, enhancing the potency of all Fury, Armor Up, and Precision buffs.


Terrax receives two Power Cosmic if he has lesser than one at the start of combat. Each duel begins with Terrax’s Rock Field activated and 66 percent of his maximum power.


The target is judged by the Supreme Accuser, who punishes them for using positive effects by increasing Attack and Stun durations.

Doctor Octopus

Drain all of the power you’ve gained, and steal 10% of the power you’ve lost. Deal 100 percent of the health acquired in Direct Damage, and Lifesteal 20% of the damage done. While it’s active, you’ll get the normal Biology Breakthrough Armor Up and Armor Penetration.


With careful Pym Gas management, Ant-Man changes his size gradually throughout the fight, providing a probability for incoming blows to glance. Glancing hits are not critical, inflict 50% less damage, and have a 100% Offensive Ability Accuracy penalty.

Captain America (WW2)

While opponents are under favorable effects, the probability to perfectly Blocks all damage rises.

MCOC D-Tier List:


Beast can perform a variety of chain combos depending on his current battle state. Performing a Medium strike followed by a Light and Medium combination while in Freestyle fighting mode inflicts direct damage to each blow of your Attack dependent on Signature level.

If the combination is completed successfully, Beast’s Critical probability rises by 25% for 5 seconds. Blocking an attack followed by a Medium, Light, Light, Medium combination while in Acrobatic fighting form regenerates Beast’s maximum health each move, depending on the Signature level. Additionally, when a Combo Success is achieved, opponents receive 50% less power when they are hit and attack for 5 seconds.


Regeneration has been improved.


From his Prowess Buffs, Le Diable Blanc obtains enhanced Critical Damage, as well as an update to his flak jacket to let it survive longer in combat.

Thor (Jane Foster)

Jane Foster’s deals guaranteed Critical Hits and Critical Damage against Stunned opponents thanks to Freyja’s direction and Mjölnir’s strength.


Loki gains power via magic and deception, generating one bar of power every several seconds as long as he stays below one bar.

Iron Fist

The Iron Fists’ repeated hits to pressure points wreak havoc on the target’s Armor over time, with a chance of reducing it for each activation.

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme uses helpful countermagic to automatically counter hostile Status Effects.


Diablo’s Concoctions have been improved via experimentation, with the Brewing time reduced by one second and the duration increased by 40%.


When Korg is hit by a Medium, Heavy, or Special Attack that makes contact while Rock Shield is active, the opponent takes Physical Damage. Only Base Attack scales damage. The opponent’s strike does not deliver Energy Damage, and Mutant Champions receive 25% less damage as a result of this ability.


When Frank Castle receives a deadly blow, he has conditioned himself to have high pain tolerance, giving him a chance to earn an Indestructible passive lasting 8 seconds. This can only happen once in each battle.

Black Panther (Classic)

T’Challa’s fists transform into cat-like claws that carve endless lacerations in his opponents with an X% probability, each delivering X% of your Attack as direct damage over 7 seconds.

This is box title

Kingpin starts the battle with two Rages. When Kingpin exits Overpower mode, he has a chance to earn up to four Rages, each of which has an X percent chance of activating.


Daredevil evades missiles with an X percent chance, thanks to acute sensory awareness that rivals Spider- Man’s.


Falcon gets Redwing ready right away with an improved pack, and while Redwing is Locked On, he earns extra Critical Chance.

Agent Venom

Agent Venom briefly loses control of the Venom symbiote at the start of the fight and anytime he loses 50% of his Max Health, boosting Attack. Once he has been struck five times, this effect is lost.


The Destroyer is enthralled by Fury, which grants a set 10% chance to boost Attack for 6 seconds with each activation.


When the Phoenix is knocked out once each fight, she becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds and consumes all of her Phoenix Force charges, recovering health per charge. She then obtains one Phoenix Force charge.

King Groot

When King Groot enters Cool Down, he instantly begins to focus on quickly mending his cellular damage, providing him a Regeneration Buff and allowing him to regain Health for the length of the Cool Down.


Thanos the Mad Titan, who has been granted near-immortality, passively decreases his opponent’s basic Attack (as a boss in End Game: 63.05 percent reduced Attack for the opponent).

Superior Iron Man

If Iron Man’s health dips below 15%, he overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest, temporarily prolonging his life span with a burst of Armor and Regeneration.

Red Skull

Heavy Charging generates power every second and may be kept for a lengthy period of time.

Rocket Racoon

Rocket makes his fur fly by increasing his Critical Hit Rate for every ten consecutive Combo hits.


Kang’s Power level powers his neuro-kinetic suit of armour, giving him an Armor Rating dependent on his stored Power.


Ultron releases additional Nano-Inhibitors with each Armor Up effect active, decreasing his opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by each stack.

Green Goblin

Per bar of Power, there is a chance of activating a Super Bomb, which causes all Bag of Tricks effects to trigger instead of the regular Pumpkin Bomb effect; nevertheless, the Special 3 attack still has a chance to trigger both Super Bomb and Pumpkin Bomb effects.

Civil Warrior

At the outset of the encounter, an upgrade to Civil Warrior’s Arc Shield provides him two Armor Upcharges, each of which increases Armor Rating for 2 seconds. While blocking, he also gains Special Damage resistance. When battling Mutant Champions, you get a 30% bonus.

War Machine

If War Machine’s health dips below 20%, he prepares all available ordnance, providing up to 90% enhanced Armor and increased Attack for the following 12 hits.

Iron Patriot

If Iron Patriot’s health dips below 10%, the Arc Reactor in his chest is overloaded, giving a huge burst of strength with Armor, Regeneration, and Power Gain. After that, his suit burns out, and he loses all base Armor and is unable to use Armor Up, Armor Break, or Stun.


Building Power levels in both players charge the environment, boosting Critical Hit Rate dependent on both Electro’s and his opponent’s accumulated Power.


For each Class beaten inside the same Quest, Force Fields earn +128 Block Proficiency, as well as a unique Block bonus for further bouts against that Class.


Rhino’s gamma-based strength and resilience are enhanced with a thick polymer suit, which increases his Physical Resistance dependent on his current Health. Rhino’s Armor also offers an extra Physical Resistance when starting the fight with full health.

MCOC F-Tier List:


Magneto’s mutation has progressed to Omega level, which prevents him from losing more health from any single source of damage, barring damage from a Special 3 Attack.

Deadpool (X-Force)

Bleed for Direct Damage over 3 seconds is a guaranteed effect of attacks.

Unstoppable Colossus

Colossus summons Cyttorak’s might, becoming unstoppable and immune to all attacks.


For seconds, Juggernaut becomes unstoppable, brushing off all attacks. Nothing will be able to stop him once he gets going!


Karnak’s inhuman metabolism and Autonomic Function Control allow him to shrug off non-damaging Debuff effects faster than normal and lowers Poison damage by 65%.

Black Panther (Civil War)

The conflict begins with Black Panther in his Reflective condition. Additionally, by eating an Armor Up effect, Black Panther’s Armor has a passive chance to withstand severe attack hits.


Venom, the symbiote, has a chance every 6 seconds to gain access to Deadpool’s strange mind and provide him a random positive effect for a brief period.


Groot is fed up with witnessing his buddies suffer in battle, so he starts the fight with two Pacifism charges. Furthermore, each Fury stack acquired by rejecting his kind nature has a chance of activating a charge of Cruelty, which increases Critical Hit Damage by 25%.


Vulture improves his suit to turn surplus heat into power, letting him begin the fight with full Chitauri Energy and absorb any Incinerate Debuff that is dealt with him, filling his Chitauri Energy.

Howard the Duck

When Howard’s Max Health drops below 60% or 30%, he furiously presses buttons on the Loader, with a chance of triggering a Self-Repair, which heals 20% of his Max Health, or a Thunderquack, which deals 135 percent of his Attack as Energy Damage. Both effects have a 7-second duration and are stopped if Howard is stunned.

Joe Fixit

Mr. Fixit understands how to play the game and turn the tables to his advantage. He has a chance to Double Down and earns a second poker suit for 7 seconds every time he rolls on Gambler’s Ruin.


Contact with the Abomination’s gamma-irradiated body has a chance of poisoning the victim, decreasing their Health recovery by 30% and inflicting Direct Damage over 12 seconds.


Sentry has a chance of becoming indestructible for 0.30 seconds each Reality Warp if he loses his Combo. If Sentry is affected with a Debuff, Indestructible does not activate.

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Tier List

Danganronpa Tier List – V3 Community List




Danganronpa Tier List - V3 Community List

Looking for latest Danganronpa tier list, in Danganronpa there are alot of different tiers divided by A, B, C & more tiers, our list based on Danganronpa characters strengths and weaknesses. Danganronpa is the most amazing game played by thousands of peoples!

Danganronpa, a popular video game series, has become a thing in the fandom. Due to this, many discussions have been made about the different tiers of characters. In this article, we will explore the different tiers and what they mean for the person’s place in the story.

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Danganronpa is a Japanese video game series created by kazutaka Kodaka and develop by spike chunsoft, this is an adventure and shooter game series.

It’s no secret that Danganronpa has grown immensely in popularity, but with these new seasons has come a plethora of new fans. With so many titles to choose from, finding what your favorites are can be difficult. This article will help you find the perfect Danganronpa for you by ranking all the games in order from least favorite to favorite.

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Danganronpa Character Tier List:

Sr:TitlesTier Type
1Chiaki NanamiS Tier
2Maki HarukawaS Tier
3Kaede AkamatsuS Tier
4Kyouko KirigiriS Tier
5Aoi AsahinaS Tier
6Junko EnoshimaA+ Tier
7Angie YonagaA+ Tier
8Miu IrumaA Tier
9Gundam TanakaA- Tier
10Byakuya TogamiA- Tier
11Sakura OogamiA- Tier
12Sonia NevermindA- Tier
13Sayaka MaizonoA- Tier
14Chihiro FujisakiB+ Tier
15Shuichi SaiharaB+ Tier
16Akane OwariB+ Tier
17Celestia LudenburgB+ Tier
18Tenko ChabashiraB Tier
19Gonta GokuharaB Tier
20Ibuki MiodaB Tier
21Kirumi TojoB Tier
22Peko PekoyamaB Tier
23Fuyuhiko KuzuryuuB- Tier
24Hinata HajimeB- Tier
25Kaito MomotaB- Tier
26Kokichi OmaC+ Tier
27Makoto NaegiC+ Tier
28Mondo OowadaC Tier
29KiiboC Tier
30MonodamC Tier
31MonokumaC Tier
32Nagito KomaedaC Tier
33Nekomaru NidaiC Tier
34Himiko YumenoC Tier
35Kiyotaka IshimaruC Tier
36Korekiyo ShingujiC Tier
37Mahiru KoizumiC Tier
38Ryoma HoshiC Tier
39Mikan TsumikiD+ Tier
40Yasuhiro HagakureD+ Tier
41Hiyoko SaionjiD Tier
42Touko FukawaD Tier
43Hifumi YamadaD Tier
44Mukuro IkusabaD Tier
45Kazuichi SoudaD Tier
46Leon KuwataD Tier
47Tsumugi ShiroganeD Tier
48Rantaro AmamiD Tier
49Teruteru HanamuraE Tier
50MonomiE Tier
51MonotaroE Tier
52MonofunnyE Tier
53MonosukeE Tier
54MonokidF Tier

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Tier List

Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide




Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide

Today we have updated latest tier list of Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Tier List with Ancients & Outsider as well, we searched up-to 50+ different tier list of tab titans 2 check out below .

If you are Tap Titans game players then its a great news for you, Tap Titans 2 just released few days back and offering amazing changes from old one. In old game you need level up your sword master to gain coins and purchasing heroes to fight in game.

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In this post we discuss about Tap Titans 2 tier list, artifacts list and also clicker heroes artifact and outsiders tier list 2022!

Tap Titans 2 – Artifacts Tier List

1Heroic ShieldA
2Furies BowA
3Charm of the AncientA
4Book of ShadowsA
5Axe of MuerteA
6Fruit of EdenA
8Glacial AxeB
9Lethe WaterB
10The Sword of StormsB
11Parchment of ForesightB
12Bringer of RagnarokB
13Hero’s BladeB
14Blade of DamoclesB
15Heavenly SwordB
16Book of ProphecyC
17Divine RetributionC
18Ring of FealtyC
19Helmet of MadnessC
20Staff of RadianceC
21Invader’s ShieldC
22Forbidden ScrollC
23Swamp GauntletC
24Amethyst StaffC
25Oak StaffD
26Laborer’s PendantD
27Stone of the ValrunesD
28Chest of ContentmentD
29The Arcana CloakD
30Titan’s MaskD
31Elixir of EdenD
32Egg of FortuneD
33Titan SpearE
34Glove of KumaE
35Divine ChaliceE
36Hunter’s OintmentE
37Infinity PendulumE
38Drunken HammerE

Clicker Heroes Artifact Tier List:

SrTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
1SolomonSiyalatas (idle)/Juggernaut (active)DogcogVaagur
2KumawakamaruLibertas (idle)/Fragsworth (active)FortunaThusia
3AtmanBhaal (active)BubosKleptos
6MammonJuggernaut (idle)/Siyalatas (active)Chawedo
7DoraFragsworth (idle)/Libertas (active)Chronos
8Bhaal (idle)/Pluto (hybrid)Berserker

Clicker Heroes Outsiders Tier List

SrTier Names

We have enlisted all tier list of different characters from different trusted sources like wikipedia or youtube etc, we will update tier list depends on new game version and heroes in 2022, if you are new players and searching for playing this one, we recommend our watch order guide and tier list to understand all version with characters before start!

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Tier List

PSU Tier List 2022 – Power Supplies




PSU Tier List 2021 - Power Supplies

PSU Tier List 2022:

Tier S (Platinum)

1Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro11BN255Be QuietPlatinum1200W
2MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJMPZ-C002-AFBATCooler MasterTitanium1200W
3Seasonic PRIME SeriesSSR-1300PDSeasonicTitanium1300W
4FSP Aurum PTPT-1200FMFSPPlatinum1200W
5Antec High CurrentHCG-850MAntecBronze850W
6Enermax PlatimaxEPF1200EWTEnermaxPlatinum1200W
7Corsair-AXi SeriesCP-9020151-NACorsairTitanium & platinum850-1250W

Tier A (Diamond)

1Corsair RMi/RMx SeriesCP-9020094-EUCorsairGold1000W
2Bitfenix Formula GoldBP-FM750ULAG-7RBitfenixGold750W
3Aerocool Project 7P7-850W PlatinumAerocoolPlatinum850W
4Bitfenix WhisperP7-850W PlatinumBitfinexGold850W
5XFX Pro GoldRSA00-80GAD3-USXFXGold1000W
6Corsair VengeanceCP-9020176-NACorsairSilver750W
7Riotoro Enigma SeriesPR-GP0850-FMG2-NARiotoro Inc.Gold850W
8Corsair HX/HXi seriesCP-9020070-NACorsairPlatinum1200W
9Super Power Gold120-G2-1000-XRSuper PowerGold/Platinum1000W
10Sentey PlatinumGSP1000-SMSenteyPlatinum1000W
11Thermaltake 1250DPS-TPI-1250DPCTUS-TThermaltakePlatinum/Titanium1250W
12Gigabyte Aorus AP850 GMGP-AP850GMGigabyteGold850W

Tier B (Golden)

1MasterWATT Maker SeriesMPZ-F001-AFBAT-EUCooler MasterPlatinum1500W
2Be Quiet! Pure Power 11BN631Be QuietGold700W
3Antec EdgeEDG750AntecGold750W
4Seasonic Focus Plus GoldSSR-1000FXSeasonicGold1000W
5Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermaxPlatinum550W
6Seasonic Focus GoldSSR-750FXSeasonicGold750W
7Seasonic Focus Plus PlatinumSSR-850PXSeasonicPlatinum850W
8XFX XTSCX750MXFXPlatinum1200W
9Seasonic SnowSilentSSR-750TSeasonicPlatinum1500W
10Lepa G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11EVGA G3220-G3-1000-X1EVGAGold1000W
12FSP Hydro GHG850FSPGold850W
13EVGA GS220-GS-0650-V1EVGAGold650W
14Riotoro EnigmaEnigma 850WRiotoroGold850W
15LEPA G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
16Seasonic M12IIM12II-850 BronzeSeasonicBronze850W
17Silverstone Nightjar NJ600SST-NJ600SilverstonePlatinum600W
18Seasonic S12GS12G-750SeasonicGold750W
19Thermaltake Toughpower GrandPS-TPG-1200FPCGUS-1ThermaltakePlatinum1200W
20Sentey Solid Power SSSDP850-SSSenteyGold850W
21Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermazPlatinum550W

Tier D (bronze)

1SAMA Armor GoldHTX-750-B7SAMAGold750W
2Silverstone Strider Titanium SeriesSST-ST1500-TISilverstoneTitanium1500W
3Silverstone Gold Evolution SeriesSST-ST1200-GSilverstoneGold1200W
4Cooler Master GM Or GX StormRS750-ACAAB3-xxCooler MasterBronze/Bronze750W/750W
5Seasonic SSSS-660XPSeasonicBronze660W
6PC Power & Cooling Turbo CoolFPS0860-A4H0XPC Power & CoolingGold860W
7XFX TS GoldP1-750G-TS3XXFXBronze750W
8Be Quite! Power ZoneATX 12V 2.4BE QuietBronze1000W
9Deepcool DQST8545Deep CoolGold750W
10LEPA G SeriesG1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11Cooler Master GMRS750-AMAAB1-USCooler MasterBronze750W
12Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-500WFractalGold500W
13Silverstone Strider GoldST1500-GSSilverstoneGold1500W
14Rosewill Capstone GCapstone G750Rosewill Inc.Gold1200W
15Thermaltake Smart SeriesSP-850MThermaltakeBronze850W
16Enermax Revolution X’tERX750AWTEnermaxGold750W
17Cooler Master MasterWatt LiteMPX-6001-ACAAWCooler MasterWhite600W
18Thermaltake Toughpower Gold SeriesTT-PS-TPD-0550MPCGAU-1ThermaltakeGold550-1500W

Tier C (Silver)

1Seasonic G SeriesG-750 SSR-750RMSeasonicGold750W
2Fractal Design Newton R31000wFractalPlatinum1000W
3FSP Aurum ProAU-850PROFSPPlatinum1200W
4Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-1000WFractalGold1000W
5Antec TruePower ClassicTP-750CAntecGold750W
6Be Quite! Straight Power E10Straight Power 11 | 1000WBe QuietGold1000W
7Corsair CXCP-9020061-NACorsairBronze750W
8Antec Neo ECO IINE650MAntecBronze650W
9Kolink ContinuumATX12V 2.3KolinkPlatinum1000W
10Super Flower Platinum KingSF-650P14PESuper FlowerPlatinum650W
11Riotoro OnyxPR-BA0750-SMRiotoro Inc.Bronze750W
12Silverstone Gold EvolutionST85F-GSSilverstoneGold800W
13Fractal Design Integra M SeriesFD-PSU-IN3B-750WFractal DesignBronze750W
14Zalman EBTZM1200-EBT 1200WZalmanGold1200W
15Vivo 24K24k 650WVivoGold650W
16Rosewill Silent NightSilentNight-500Rosewill Inc.Platinum500W
17XFX ProSeries BronzeP1850BBEFXXFXBronze800W

Tier F (bronze-low)

1Seasonic ECOSSR-430STSeasonicBronze620W
2Enermax NaXnENP450ASTEnermaxWhite450W450W
3Thermaltake ParisW0493REThermaltakeGold650W650W
4Corsair Gaming SeriesGS800CorsairBronze800W800W
5Be Quite! Power ZonePower Zone 1000WBe QuietBronze1000W1000W
6Corsair CX Green UnitsCP-9010048-NACorsairBronze750W750W
7XFX XTP1600BXTFRXFXBronze600W600W
8Seasonic M12IIM12II-650 BRONZESeasonicBronze650W650W
9Antec Basiq BQBP500UAntecWhite500W500W
10OCZ ZT or ModXStreamOCZ-ZX1000WOCZBronze1000W1000W
11EVGA 600100-W1-0600-K1EVGAWhite600W600W

Tier U (Carbon):

1FSP HexaHE-500FSPWhite700W
2Cooler Master Elite SeriesMPW-6001-ACABN1Cooler MasterUnrated600W
3EVGA N1100-N1-0750-L1EVGAUnrated750W

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