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Best Anime Filler List Guide 2022

What is a Filler List?

Even while the filler isn’t unique to anime and isn’t universally loved, it is an important component of the production process. So, what exactly does the term “filler” imply? Is filler always harmful, or is it possible for filler to benefit an anime? Filler has a position in anime production that may bring about a lot of positive things, even if it isn’t universally liked.

There are two types of filler. The filler may take two forms: first, it can be stories that don’t progress the plot, and second, it might be things that aren’t included in the original material (in this case, the manga).

Anime is generally based on manga and novels. Manga is a popular Japanese comic that appeals to people of all ages from all over the world. The term “filler” refers to a tale in an anime that isn’t part of the original story material, such as a novel or manga.

These are made to provide more information about the characters or to add to the plot. Fillers are extremely useful in establishing a character’s background or personality, and they frequently provide additional plot hints.

When the favorite manga finally receives the anime version they’ve been waiting for, many fans rejoice. When viewers eventually see the adaptations, they may notice a few variations that distinguish the anime from its textual version, and this is what “filler” is all about.

Those who have never read a manga or who have only seen the anime before reading the book version will most likely miss the differences.

About Filler Episodes:

Filler episodes are episodes in a serial that are unconnected to the main narrative, don’t dramatically affect the relationships between the characters, and are mostly used to fill space. Padding (the insertion of scenes to prolong a tale) applied to a whole franchise by generating fresh new episodes may be regarded.

In anime, where many series feature 26 or more episodes per season, they are highly frequent. Producers are forced to employ filler to satisfy contractual obligations.

Filler is generally something unique to the anime, although this isn’t always the case; because of the tight constraints, many mangas — notably weekly manga — use filler just as brutally. Occasionally, whole filler arcs are constructed, usually, because the series has outpaced the manga.

Over time, nearly every long-running manga-based anime action series will include massive quantities of filler. This is because, unlike Western networks, Japanese networks do not have reruns of season breaks. This is exacerbated after they pass the 26-episode threshold. Many shows feature over 40 episodes every year, and it’s difficult to make even half of them relevant to the main narrative.

Filler List (Episodes & List) | 2022 Latest Seasons list

Sr:Filler List:
1Naruto Shippuden Filler List With All Episode 2021
2One Piece Filler List
3Boruto Filler List (MIXED CANON/FILLER & MANGA CANON Episodes)
4Naruto Filler List | Manga & Filler Episodes
5Black Clover Filler List | Anime/Manga Canon & Fillers
6Bleach Filler List | Manga Canon & Filler Episodes
7My Hero Academia Filler List
8Dragon Ball Super Filler List | All DBZ Episodes List
9Fairy Tail Filler List | Filler, Anime & Manga Canon Episodes
10Gintama Filler List | Manga Canon & Filler Episodes
11Inuyasha Filler List
12Case Closed Filler List | Filler & Manga Canon Episodes
13Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List
14Hunter × Hunter Filler List
15Fullmetal Alchemist Filler List
16D.Gray-man Filler List
17Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Filler List
18Blue Exorcist Filler List
19Rurouni Kenshin Filler List
20Attack on Titan: Junior High Filler List
21Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Filler List
22Attack on Titan OVA/OAD Filler List
23Attack on Titan Filler List
24Assassination Classroom Filler List
25Another Filler List
26Angel Heart Filler List
27Angel Beats Filler List
28Akame ga Kill Filler List
29AJIN: Demi-Human Filler List
30Ace of the Diamond: Act II Filler List
31Ace of the Diamond Filler List
32Ace Attorney Filler List
33A Sister’s All You Need Filler List
34A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List
35A Certain Scientific Accelerator Filler List
36A Certain Magical Index Filler List
3786 EIGHTY-SIX Filler List
38Pokémon Filler List
39Reborn Filler List
40Soul Eater Filler List
41Sailor Moon Filler List
42Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Filler List
43JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (TV) Filler List
44The Seven Deadly Sins Filler List
45Vinland Saga Filler List
46Cowboy Bebop Filler List
47Tokyo Ghoul Filler List
48Toriko Filler List
Fillers based on Manga

In the context of ongoing anime series adapted from ongoing manga, because the main purpose of the anime is often to follow the manga storyline, any story created to fill time because the series overtook the Manga literally cannot have any significance unless the source material ended and there are no plans to continue further – with everything being anime-only. The anime will eventually snap back to following the book, thus the filler arcs, although entertaining in their own right, cannot add anything substantive to the plot.

The absence of series momentum is usually the distinguishing feature of filler. Filler can be safely disregarded without causing any information loss.