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Fish Plant Factory Jobs in Canada



Fish Plant Factory Jobs in Canada 2022: An Agency based in Philipines searching for employees who want to the work for fish plant, The company offers best service in the world and required some high professional factory workers in Canada. The company will provide food, house for living and insurance as well. Salary with bounes will provide.

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  • Factory Worker


  • $20 Hourly


Female & Male


domestic, Helper, Factory Fishery, Guide Industry Management, Regulatory Services, Supervisor

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  • Work in a team, collaboratively in order to get out output
  • Grinding Fish
  • Very professional & able to manage work.
  • Fish cutting pieces
  • Packing of fish as per company standards
  • Manage different sections of the packing
  • Initial to final packing supervision
  • Quality check of packing
  • To ensure packing standards of the company


  • Fishery

How To Apply For Job?

Candidates should follow these steps to get their job applications done.

  • Prepare all the required documents along with an ID card & Photos if required.
  • Visit the job’s official website, office or you can call them to get more details of documents.
  • Prepare your CV/Resume with detailed experiences and a companies list you worked with them.
  • Read the eligibility criteria of the job in our advertisement before applying.
  • Must check the last date of the Job & Location of the interview before it’s too late.
  • Beware of Fraudulent Recruiting Activities in different advertisements. If an employers ask for the money, please contact directly to departments, don’t pay money online to anyone!

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WARNING!!! Never Pay the any kind of application fee online to employers or recruiters. The Employer of company always should provide all the documents free of charge including the visa. Real recruiting agencies get paid by the employer. If there is someone asking for payment or any kind of fee please contact the company before payment. We are not charging any single penny! 


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