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Slay the Spire Tier List | Top Defect, Silent, Watcher & Ironclad Tier list



Slay the Spire Tier List 2021 | Top Defect, Silent, Watcher & Ironclad Tier list

Check out below the latest Slay the Spire Tier List with type and features, our tier maker updates these characters with their type and tier titles.

The Slay the Spire tier list is an ever-evolving document that showcases the best decks for Ranked Play in Slay the Spire. Currently, the top three decks are Tempo Rogue, Freeze Mage and Midrange Druid. These decks have been incredibly successful in both regular and ranked play, and they’re sure to continue to dominate as we move closer to The Witchwood expansion. However, there are some new options that have emerged in recent weeks that you may want to consider if you want to climb the ranks.

The first of these is Control Priest. Slay the Spire is a new MOBA game that has just been released and is quickly gaining popularity. The game features two teams of five players battling it out to be the last one standing. In Slay the Spire, each player controls one of five characters that each have their own unique abilities and strengths. To win, players must defeat the opposing team’s hero by either killing them or trapping them in a deadly tower.

The game features an interesting mix of strategy and fast-paced action that makes for an addicting experience.

The Slay the Spire tier list is an ever-changing compilation of decks that can be used to achieve victory in the game. The list is constantly updated based on player feedback, game data, and community consensus.

Slay the Spire Tier List

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Slay the Spire Defect Tier List

5Biased CognitionPowerRareSS+
6All for oneAttackRareSS+
7White NoiseSkillUncommonSS+
8Cold SnapAttackCommonSS+
10Reinforced BodySkillUncommonSS+
12Force FieldSkillUncommonSS+
17Echo FormPowerRareS+
18Genetic AlgorithmSkillUncommonS+
22Go For the EyesAttackCommonS+
23Self RepairPowerUncommonS+
28Core SurgeAttackRareS+
29Hello worldPowerUncommonS+
30Ball LightningAttackUncommonS+
31StormPowerUncommonA Tier
32RainbowSkillRareA Tier
33BufferPowerRareA Tier
34Compile DriverAttackCommonA Tier
35Double EnergySkillUncommonA Tier
36Machine LearningPowerRareA Tier
37Meteor StrikeAttackRareA Tier
38TURBOSkillCommonA Tier
39Multi-CastSkillRareA Tier
40Creative AIPowerRareA Tier
41MelterAttackUncommonA Tier
42Charge BatterySkillCommonA Tier
43DarknessSkillUncommonA Tier
44BullseyesAttackUncommonA Tier
45FissionSkillRareA Tier
46Sweeping BeamAttackCommonA Tier
47ScrapeAttackUncommonB Tier
48Boot SequenceSkillUncommonB Tier
49RecycleSkillUncommonB Tier
50LeapSkillCommonB Tier
51OverclockSkillUncommonB Tier
52ReprogramSkillUncommonB Tier
53StreamlineAttackCommonB Tier
54AmplifySkillRareB Tier
55Auto-ShieldsSkillUncommonB Tier
56Rip and TearAttackUncommonB Tier
57Doom and GloomAttackUncommonB Tier
58StackSkillCommonB Tier
59RebootSkillRareB Tier
60RecursionSkillCommonB Tier
61TempestSkillUncommonB Tier
62FusionSkillUncommonB Tier
63ChaosSkillUncommonc Tier
64Beam CellAttackCommonB Tier
65Static DischargePowerUncommonB Tier
66Steam BarrierSkillCommonC Tier
67ReboundAttackCommonC Tier
68AggregateSkillUncommonC Tier
69Thunder StrikeAttackRareC Tier

Slay the Spire Ironclad Tier List

7Burning PactSkillUncommonSS+
9Seeing RedSkillUncommonSS+
10Feel No PainPowerUncommonSS+
11Second WindSkillUncommonSS+
14Demon FormPowerRareSS+
15Battle TranceSkillUncommonS+
16Flame BarrierSkillUncommonS+
17Spot WeaknessSkillUncommonS+
20Shrug it offSkillCommonS+
23Ghostly ArmorSkillUncommonS+
24Dual WieldSkillUncommonS+
25Infernal BladeSkillUncommonS+
27Power ThroughSkillUncommonS+
31Perfected StrikeAttackCommonS+
32Fiend FireAttackRareA Tier
33FeedAttackRareA Tier
34BloodlettingSkillUncommonA Tier
35Dark embracePowerUncommonA Tier
36JuggernautPowerRareA Tier
37ImperviousSkillRareA Tier
38RampageAttackUncommonA Tier
39MetallicizePowerUncommonA Tier
40Pommel StrikeAttackCommonA Tier
41WarcrySkillCommonA Tier
42Body SlamAttackCommonA Tier
43Heavy BladeAttackCommonA Tier
44DropkickAttackUncommonA Tier
45True GritSkillCommonA Tier
46ImmolateAttackRareA Tier
47Blood for BloodAttackUncommonA Tier
48EvolvePowerUncommonA Tier
49WhirlwindAttackUncommonB Tier
50Limit BreakSkillRareB Tier
51Sword BoomerangAttackCommonB Tier
52Reckless ChargeAttackUncommonB Tier
53Sever SoulAttackUncommonB Tier
54InflamePowerUncommonB Tier
55Double TapSkillRareB Tier
56HeadbuttAttackCommonB Tier
57Iron WaveAttackCommonB Tier
58Twin StrikeAttackCommonB Tier
59RageSkillUncommonB Tier
60Fire BreathingPowerUncommonB Tier
61BrutalityPowerRareB Tier
62AngerAttackCommonB Tier
63Searing BlowAttackUncommonB Tier
64RupturePowerUncommonB Tier
65ThunderclapAttackCommonB Tier
66Wild StrikeAttackCommonC Tier
67HemokinesisAttackUncommonC Tier
68CombustPowerUncommonC Tier
69FlexSkillCommonC Tier
70CleaveAttackCommonC Tier
71BerserkPowerRareC Tier
72 ClashAttackCommonC Tier

Slay the Spire Silent Tier List

3After ImagePowerRareSS+
4Leg SweepSkillUncommonSS+
6Cloak and DaggerSkillCommonSS+
7Bouncing FlaskSkillUncommonSS+
9Calculated GambleSkillUncommonSS+
11Piercing WailSkillCommonSS+
12Infinite BladesPowerUncommonSS+
15Tools of the tradePowerRareSS+
16Endless AgonyAttackUncommonSS+
25Escape PlanSkillUncommonS+
27Well-Laid PlansPowerUncommonS+
29Dagger ThrowAttackCommonS+
32Glass knifeAttackRareS+
33ExpertiseSkillUncommonA Tier
34Poisoned StabAttackCommonA Tier
35AcrobaticsSkillCommonA Tier
36SkewerAttackUncommonA Tier
37Dodge and rollSkillCommonA Tier
38Die Die DieAttackRareA Tier
39Flechettes AttackUncommonA Tier
40CatalystSkillUncommonA Tier
41Dagger SprayAttackCommonA Tier
42NightmareSkillRareA Tier
43Sucker PunchAttackCommonA Tier
44A thousand cultsPowerRareA Tier
45BackstabAttackUncommonA Tier
46CaltropsPowerUncommonA Tier
47Grand FinaleAttackRareA Tier
48OutmaneuverSkillCommonA Tier
49Bullet TimeSkillRareA Tier
50Masterful StabAttackUncommonA Tier
51Riddle with HolesAttackUncommonA Tier
52FootworkPowerUncommonA Tier
53ConcentrateSkillUncommonB Tier
54Quick SlashAttackCommonB Tier
55FinisherAttackCommonB Tier
56SetupSkillUncommonB Tier
57Crippling CloudSkillUncommonB Tier
58Storm of SteelSkillRareB Tier
59Corpse ExplosionSkillRareB Tier
60Blade DanceSkillCommonB Tier
61UnloadAttackRareB Tier
62Noxious FumesPowerUncommonB Tier
63DistractionSkillUncommonB Tier
64Flying KneeAttackCommonB Tier
65All-out AttackAttackUncommonC Tier
66Heel HookAttackUncommonC Tier
67PreparedSkillCommonC Tier
68Phantasmal KillerSkillRareC Tier
69Deadly PoisonSkillCommonC Tier
70Sneaky StrikeAttackCommonC Tier

Slay the Spire Watcher Tier List

1Spirit ShieldSkillRareSS+
3Lesson LearnedAttackRareSS+
5Cut through FateAttackCommonSS+
10Talk to the handAttackUncommonSS+
13Windmill StrikeAttackUncommonS+
15Fear No EvilAttackUncommonS+
16Flurry of blowsAttackCommonS+
17Inner PeaceSkillUncommonS+
19Sands of TimeAttackUncommonS+
20Deceive RealitySkillUncommonS+
22Empty MindSkillUncommonS+
25Like WaterPowerUncommonS+
26Mental FortressPowerUncommonS+
28Reach HeavenAttackUncommonS+
31Wheel KickAttackUncommonA Tier
32Battle HymnPowerUncommonA Tier
33ConsecrateAttackCommonA Tier
34CrescendoSkillCommonA Tier
35Crush JointsAttackCommonA Tier
36Dues Ex MachinaSkillRareA Tier
37Empty FistAttackCommonA Tier
38EvaluateSkillCommonA Tier
39Master RealityPowerRareA Tier
40Sash WhipAttackCommonA Tier
41Simmering FurySkillUncommonA Tier
42Third EyeSkillCommonA Tier
43WishSkillRareA Tier
44Bowling BashAttackCommonA Tier
45Flying SleevesAttackCommonA Tier
46HaltSkillCommonA Tier
47OmniscienceSkillRareA Tier
48ProstrateSkillCommonA Tier
49StudyPowerUncommonA Tier
50SwivelSkillUncommonB Tier
51WeaveAttackUncommonB Tier
52Carve RealityAttackUncommonB Tier
53Deva FormPowerRareB Tier
54Empty BodySkillCommonB Tier
55EruptionAttackStarterB Tier
56RushdownPowerUncommonB Tier
57SanctitySkillUncommonB Tier
58VigilanceSkillStarterB Tier
59BrillianceAttackRareB Tier
60Follow-UpAttackCommonB Tier
61Just LuckyAttackCommonB Tier
62Wave of HandSkillUncommonB Tier
63WorshipSkillUncommonB Tier
64Wreath of FlameSkillUncommonC Tier
65CollectSkillUncommonC Tier
66Conjure BladeSkillRareC Tier
67Foreign InfluenceSkillUncommonC Tier
68PraySkillUncommonC Tier
69AlphaSkillRareC Tier
70IndignationSkillUncommonC Tier
71PerseveranceSkillUncommonC Tier
72Pressure pointsSkillCommonC Tier
73Signature MoveAttackUncommonC Tier
74DefendSkillStarterC Tier
75StrikeAttackStarterC Tier

This tier list is designed to help players choose the best deck to compete with and defeat others in Slay the Spire. The tiers are not set in stone, and any deck that can compete well against any other deck on the ladder can be included in a lower tier.

June is the month of the rise of the spire. Across the world, teams compete for a chance to ascend to the top of SlaytheSpire, a ranking system that ranks Hearthstone’s best decks. In this article, we will be discussing each tier list and how it affects your ladder play. We will also provide some advice on how to improve your deck if you find yourself in a lower tier.

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Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide



Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide

Today we have updated latest tier list of Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Tier List with Ancients & Outsider as well, we searched up-to 50+ different tier list of tab titans 2 check out below .

If you are Tap Titans game players then its a great news for you, Tap Titans 2 just released few days back and offering amazing changes from old one. In old game you need level up your sword master to gain coins and purchasing heroes to fight in game.

Also Visit to check our Filler List, Watch Order & Tier List.

In this post we discuss about Tap Titans 2 tier list, artifacts list and also clicker heroes artifact and outsiders tier list 2022!

Tap Titans 2 – Artifacts Tier List

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1Heroic ShieldA
2Furies BowA
3Charm of the AncientA
4Book of ShadowsA
5Axe of MuerteA
6Fruit of EdenA
8Glacial AxeB
9Lethe WaterB
10The Sword of StormsB
11Parchment of ForesightB
12Bringer of RagnarokB
13Hero’s BladeB
14Blade of DamoclesB
15Heavenly SwordB
16Book of ProphecyC
17Divine RetributionC
18Ring of FealtyC
19Helmet of MadnessC
20Staff of RadianceC
21Invader’s ShieldC
22Forbidden ScrollC
23Swamp GauntletC
24Amethyst StaffC
25Oak StaffD
26Laborer’s PendantD
27Stone of the ValrunesD
28Chest of ContentmentD
29The Arcana CloakD
30Titan’s MaskD
31Elixir of EdenD
32Egg of FortuneD
33Titan SpearE
34Glove of KumaE
35Divine ChaliceE
36Hunter’s OintmentE
37Infinity PendulumE
38Drunken HammerE

Clicker Heroes Artifact Tier List:

SrTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
1SolomonSiyalatas (idle)/Juggernaut (active)DogcogVaagur
2KumawakamaruLibertas (idle)/Fragsworth (active)FortunaThusia
3AtmanBhaal (active)BubosKleptos
6MammonJuggernaut (idle)/Siyalatas (active)Chawedo
7DoraFragsworth (idle)/Libertas (active)Chronos
8Bhaal (idle)/Pluto (hybrid)Berserker

Clicker Heroes Outsiders Tier List

SrTier Names

We have enlisted all tier list of different characters from different trusted sources like wikipedia or youtube etc, we will update tier list depends on new game version and heroes in 2022, if you are new players and searching for playing this one, we recommend our watch order guide and tier list to understand all version with characters before start!

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Tier List

PSU Tier List – Power Supplies



PSU Tier List 2021 - Power Supplies

Check Out All Content Here:

PSU Tier List 2021:

Tier S (Platinum)

1Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro11BN255Be QuietPlatinum1200W
2MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJMPZ-C002-AFBATCooler MasterTitanium1200W
3Seasonic PRIME SeriesSSR-1300PDSeasonicTitanium1300W
4FSP Aurum PTPT-1200FMFSPPlatinum1200W
5Antec High CurrentHCG-850MAntecBronze850W
6Enermax PlatimaxEPF1200EWTEnermaxPlatinum1200W
7Corsair-AXi SeriesCP-9020151-NACorsairTitanium & platinum850-1250W

Tier A (Diamond)

1Corsair RMi/RMx SeriesCP-9020094-EUCorsairGold1000W
2Bitfenix Formula GoldBP-FM750ULAG-7RBitfenixGold750W
3Aerocool Project 7P7-850W PlatinumAerocoolPlatinum850W
4Bitfenix WhisperP7-850W PlatinumBitfinexGold850W
5XFX Pro GoldRSA00-80GAD3-USXFXGold1000W
6Corsair VengeanceCP-9020176-NACorsairSilver750W
7Riotoro Enigma SeriesPR-GP0850-FMG2-NARiotoro Inc.Gold850W
8Corsair HX/HXi seriesCP-9020070-NACorsairPlatinum1200W
9Super Power Gold120-G2-1000-XRSuper PowerGold/Platinum1000W
10Sentey PlatinumGSP1000-SMSenteyPlatinum1000W
11Thermaltake 1250DPS-TPI-1250DPCTUS-TThermaltakePlatinum/Titanium1250W
12Gigabyte Aorus AP850 GMGP-AP850GMGigabyteGold850W

Tier B (Golden)

1MasterWATT Maker SeriesMPZ-F001-AFBAT-EUCooler MasterPlatinum1500W
2Be Quiet! Pure Power 11BN631Be QuietGold700W
3Antec EdgeEDG750AntecGold750W
4Seasonic Focus Plus GoldSSR-1000FXSeasonicGold1000W
5Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermaxPlatinum550W
6Seasonic Focus GoldSSR-750FXSeasonicGold750W
7Seasonic Focus Plus PlatinumSSR-850PXSeasonicPlatinum850W
8XFX XTSCX750MXFXPlatinum1200W
9Seasonic SnowSilentSSR-750TSeasonicPlatinum1500W
10Lepa G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11EVGA G3220-G3-1000-X1EVGAGold1000W
12FSP Hydro GHG850FSPGold850W
13EVGA GS220-GS-0650-V1EVGAGold650W
14Riotoro EnigmaEnigma 850WRiotoroGold850W
15LEPA G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
16Seasonic M12IIM12II-850 BronzeSeasonicBronze850W
17Silverstone Nightjar NJ600SST-NJ600SilverstonePlatinum600W
18Seasonic S12GS12G-750SeasonicGold750W
19Thermaltake Toughpower GrandPS-TPG-1200FPCGUS-1ThermaltakePlatinum1200W
20Sentey Solid Power SSSDP850-SSSenteyGold850W
21Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermazPlatinum550W

Tier D (bronze)

1SAMA Armor GoldHTX-750-B7SAMAGold750W
2Silverstone Strider Titanium SeriesSST-ST1500-TISilverstoneTitanium1500W
3Silverstone Gold Evolution SeriesSST-ST1200-GSilverstoneGold1200W
4Cooler Master GM Or GX StormRS750-ACAAB3-xxCooler MasterBronze/Bronze750W/750W
5Seasonic SSSS-660XPSeasonicBronze660W
6PC Power & Cooling Turbo CoolFPS0860-A4H0XPC Power & CoolingGold860W
7XFX TS GoldP1-750G-TS3XXFXBronze750W
8Be Quite! Power ZoneATX 12V 2.4BE QuietBronze1000W
9Deepcool DQST8545Deep CoolGold750W
10LEPA G SeriesG1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11Cooler Master GMRS750-AMAAB1-USCooler MasterBronze750W
12Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-500WFractalGold500W
13Silverstone Strider GoldST1500-GSSilverstoneGold1500W
14Rosewill Capstone GCapstone G750Rosewill Inc.Gold1200W
15Thermaltake Smart SeriesSP-850MThermaltakeBronze850W
16Enermax Revolution X’tERX750AWTEnermaxGold750W
17Cooler Master MasterWatt LiteMPX-6001-ACAAWCooler MasterWhite600W
18Thermaltake Toughpower Gold SeriesTT-PS-TPD-0550MPCGAU-1ThermaltakeGold550-1500W

Tier C (Silver)

1Seasonic G SeriesG-750 SSR-750RMSeasonicGold750W
2Fractal Design Newton R31000wFractalPlatinum1000W
3FSP Aurum ProAU-850PROFSPPlatinum1200W
4Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-1000WFractalGold1000W
5Antec TruePower ClassicTP-750CAntecGold750W
6Be Quite! Straight Power E10Straight Power 11 | 1000WBe QuietGold1000W
7Corsair CXCP-9020061-NACorsairBronze750W
8Antec Neo ECO IINE650MAntecBronze650W
9Kolink ContinuumATX12V 2.3KolinkPlatinum1000W
10Super Flower Platinum KingSF-650P14PESuper FlowerPlatinum650W
11Riotoro OnyxPR-BA0750-SMRiotoro Inc.Bronze750W
12Silverstone Gold EvolutionST85F-GSSilverstoneGold800W
13Fractal Design Integra M SeriesFD-PSU-IN3B-750WFractal DesignBronze750W
14Zalman EBTZM1200-EBT 1200WZalmanGold1200W
15Vivo 24K24k 650WVivoGold650W
16Rosewill Silent NightSilentNight-500Rosewill Inc.Platinum500W
17XFX ProSeries BronzeP1850BBEFXXFXBronze800W

Tier F (bronze-low)

1Seasonic ECOSSR-430STSeasonicBronze620W
2Enermax NaXnENP450ASTEnermaxWhite450W450W
3Thermaltake ParisW0493REThermaltakeGold650W650W
4Corsair Gaming SeriesGS800CorsairBronze800W800W
5Be Quite! Power ZonePower Zone 1000WBe QuietBronze1000W1000W
6Corsair CX Green UnitsCP-9010048-NACorsairBronze750W750W
7XFX XTP1600BXTFRXFXBronze600W600W
8Seasonic M12IIM12II-650 BRONZESeasonicBronze650W650W
9Antec Basiq BQBP500UAntecWhite500W500W
10OCZ ZT or ModXStreamOCZ-ZX1000WOCZBronze1000W1000W
11EVGA 600100-W1-0600-K1EVGAWhite600W600W

Tier U (Carbon):

1FSP HexaHE-500FSPWhite700W
2Cooler Master Elite SeriesMPW-6001-ACABN1Cooler MasterUnrated600W
3EVGA N1100-N1-0750-L1EVGAUnrated750W
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Tier List

GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List – Best Characters



GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List 2021 - Best Characters

Check Out All Content Here:

GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List – Best Characters

Tier A Characters:

1FireMugen, Therese, Yuisis, Aoidos, Colossus, Lancelot and Vane, Teena, Tsubasa, Grea, Illnot, Magisa, Tabina, Percival, Rackam, Satyr, Reinhardtzar, Scathacha, Yuel, Abby, Beatrix, Drang, Ghandagoza, Ilsa, Kallen Kouzuki, Zahlhamelina
2WaterKolulu, Vania and Malinda, Lancelot, Yuel, Aglovale, Romeo, Shura, Anne, Aqours Second-Years, Arulumaya, Milleore and Sahil Lao, Pholia, Sandalphon, Silva, Charlotta, Diantha, Izmir, Macula Marius, Yngwie
3EarthEugen, Hallessena, Ladiva, Sara, Ayer, Aletheia, De La Fille, Medusa, Baal, Eustace, Jessica, Rosetta, Soriz, Vaseraga
4WindAlbert, Heles, Naoise, Lennah, Levi, Morrigna, Selfira, Stan, Societte, Gawain, Seruel, Kokkoro, and Aliza
5LightRosamia, Dorothy and Claudia, Levin Sisters, Mary, Sarunan, Shitori, Zeta, Amira, Sandalphon, Juliet, Percival, Silva, and Danua
6DarkLady Grey, Azazel, Tanya, Lunalu, Nicholas, Rosetta, Narmaya, Orchid, Vaseraga, Black Knights and Orchid, Joker, Kou, Seox, Veight

Tier B Characters:

1FireAgielba, Charioce XVII, Aquors Third-Years
2WaterChat Noir, Lilele, Owen, Cucuroux, Lady Katapillar and Vira
3EarthAquors First-Years, Razia, Yggdrasil, Nezahualpilli, Walder, Yaia, Catherine, Herja, Ilsa, and Jin
4WindMirin, Arriet, Gachapin, Kaede Takagaki, Korwa, Petra, Sen, Carmelina, Christina, Feena, Suzaku Kururugi, Yuisis, Juri, Sevilbarra
5LightBaotorda, Conan Edogawa, Pecorine, Cure Black and Cure White, Mikazuki Munechika, Sophia
6DarkCerberus, Forte, Lelouch Lamperouge, Marquiares, Skull, Freezie, Karyl

Tier C Characters:

1FireDanua, Aster, Gemini Sunrise, Izuminokami Kanesada, Lina, Friday, Dante, Ferry, Sutera, Miria Akagi, Naoise
2WaterMina, Ejaeli, Minami Nitta, Cailana, Leona, Lowain, Morphe and Phoebe
3EarthMelleau, Galadar, The Lowain Brothers, Nemone, Almeida
4WindHelnar, Mikasa, Mimlemel and Stumpeye, Sevastien, Shiki Ichinose, Krugne, Miku Maekawa, Sutera
5LightVermeil, Arusha, Bridgette and Cordelia, Erica Fontaine, Tear Grants, Feather, Nicholas, Tyre
6DarkKatalina, Sarunan, Shao, Will, You, Deliford, Mika Jougasaki, Elize Lotus, Meg, Richard, Zaja

Tier D Characters:

1FireNina Drango, Cassius, Karin, Mio Honda, Rosine, Alec, Barawa, Carren, Elmott, Ippatsu, Jessica, Karva, Mary, Milla Maxwell, Ryan, Stahn Aileron
2WaterKaoru Sakuraba, Ange, Camieux, Chun-Li, Erin, Farrah, Mizuki Kawashima, Naga, Rin Shibuya, Sahli Lao, Sig, Suframare, Lamretta, Mishra, Pamela, Anastasia, Ulamnuran
3EarthAiri Totoki, Redluck, Vanzza, Zaja, Augusta, Carmelina, Claudia, Juri, Kanako Mimura, Laguna, Mariah, Skull, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Anzu Futaba, J.J., La Coiffe, Mimlemel and Pun-Kin
4WindArisa, Arthur, Karteira, Keehar, Rashid, Toru Amuro, Tsubasa Kashiwagi, Eso, Robertina, Ryu, Sakura Shinjugi, Arthur and Mordred, Chloe, Goblin Mage, Hazen
5LightCeylan, Uzuki Shimamura, Daetta, Elta, Ezecrain, Johann, Philosophia, Nakoruru, Novei, Soriz, Sakura Kinomoto
6DarkKoume Shirasaka, Stan, Yuri Lowell, Zehek, Randall, Ranko Kanzaki, Luna

Tier F Characters:

1FireAnna, Sarya, Teru Tendo, Dorothy
3EarthParis, Volenna
4WindAster, Haohmaru, Syr, Joy
5LightSachiko Koshizimu
6DarkAnge, Ludmila, Rita

Tier F Characters:

1FireShiva, Anila, Metera, Athena, Zeta, Siegfried
2WaterVajra, Altair, Europa, Katalina, Lecia, Lucio, Narmaya, Sturm, Cagliostro, Grea, Lily, Vane
3EarthAlexiel, Mahira, Zeta and Vaseraga, Dante and Freiheit, Leona, Vira, Cain, Pengy
4WindAndira, Meteon, Monika, Nezahualpilli, Tiamat, Yodarha, Grimnir, Yurius
5LightJeanne d’Arc, Halluel and Malluel, Io, Ferry, Ilsa, Kumbhira, Noa, Hallessena, Melissabelle, Robomi, Zooey
6DarkRei, Olivia, Predator, Black Knight, Clarisse, Helel ben Shalem, Kolulu, Vikala, Amira, Anthuria, Vania, Wulf and Renie
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