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Naruto Blazing Tier List



Naruto Blazing Tier List 2021

Naruto Blazing Tier List The Naruto Blazing Tier List is a compilation of the strongest characters in the Naruto universe. The list was compiled by various fans and experts and takes into account both combat and strategy aspects. Some of the strongest characters on the list include Naruto himself, Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, and Kaguya Otsutsuki.

As the series comes to a close, many fans are starting to put together their top Naruto Blazing Tier Lists. The anime has spanned over 9 years and there have been so many changes and developments in the story that it’s hard to make a definitive tier list. Naruto Blazing Tier List is a new website that has been created to help Naruto fans make informed decisions about which characters are the best in the series. The site has a star rating system and a list of characters with their corresponding tier rankings.

The Naruto Blazing Tier List is a compilation of the best techniques and moves in the series. Created by YouTube user “The Mad Hatter”, the list ranks techniques based on their power, speed, and overall impact on the battlefield. Some of the more powerful moves include Sasuke’s Chidori Senbon and Naruto’s Rasengan.

If you’re a fan of the popular anime and manga series Naruto, then you know that it has a wide variety of characters with various abilities and strengths. One of the most popular characters in the series is undoubtedly Sasuke Uchiha, who is known for his skills in the manipulation of fire. In this article, we are going to be discussing the strongest Naruto Blazing Tier List, which will rank each character based on their overall strength and ability when using fire-type techniques.

Naruto Blazing Tier List

1Might GuyMedium1040
Carrying Out the Oath
2Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened)Short1670
True Peace
3Naruto UzumakiShort2054
True Peace
4Danzo Shimura (Awakened)Vast1724
Embodiment of Darkness-1724
5Danzo ShimuraVast1806
Embodiment of Darkness-1806
Danger of the Almighty
7Itachi UchihaVast2554
The Promised Day
8Sasuke UchihaMedium1952
Battling with your eyes
9Hashirama SenjuVast1394
Sorrowful Parting
10Izuna UchihaMedium1914
Mercilessly Uncompromising
11Madara UchihaMedium2042
An Imposing Air
12Killer Bee (Awakened)Long1190
Let's "Bee" Friends-1190
13Killer BeeLong1400
"Let's "Bee" Friends-1400
14Fugaku UchihaMedium1634
Prosperity and Faith
15Kaguya Otsutsuki (Awakened)Short2042
Plot for Rebirth
16Kaguya OtsutsukiShort2228
Plot for Rebirth
17Hashirama Senju (Awakened)Long1768
Pursuit of a Dream-1768
18Hashirama SenjuLong1856
Pursuit of a Dream-1856
19Ino YamanakaShort1654
Flourishing Bush Clover
Protector of the Great Tree
21Sasuke UchihaLong1626
Lightning Storm Genius
22Sakumo HatakeMedium1846
Between Duty and Comrades
23Hinata HyugaLong1738
Sunflower's Admiration
24Tobirama Senju (Awakened)Vast1412
Inherited Will of Fire
25Tobirama SenjuVast1724
Inherited Will of Fire
26Neji Hyuaga (Awakened)Medium1820
Freedom of Choice-1820
27Neji HyugaMedium2008
Freedom of Choice
28Hinata HyugaVast2024
Redemptive Words
29Naruto UzumakiLong1352
Beyond Rasen
30Kakashi HatakeLong1354
Inspiring Oath
Risking Her Life
Eternal Creation
33Yamato (Guruguru)Medium1392
Unmalicious Murderous Intent
Scorching Shroud
35Kabuto Yakushi (Awakened)Short1634
Proof of Self
36Kabuto YakushiShort2010
Proof of Self
37Naruto UzumakiShort2120
Gale of Vigor
38Zabuza MomochiMedium1432
Unbounded Dread
39Orochimaru (Blazing Awakened)Medium1588
Endless Rebirth
Endless Rebirth-1512
Dance of Carnage
Creation of Light
Earnest with Composure
Proclaimed Faith
45Killer BeeMedium1862
Rumbling Strong Arm
46Killer Bee (Awakened)Medium1324
Rumbling Strong Arm
Surging Blustery Wind
Drawings Unleashed
49Iruka UminoVast1188
Because of Trust
50Madara UchihaVast1255
Dreams of the Far Future
51Sakura HarunoShort1678
Cherry Blossoms on the Front Line
52Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened)Long1194
Buried Past
53Sasuke UchihaLong1460
Buried Past
54Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened)Long1468
The Future We Want
55Naruto UzumakiLong1754
The Future We Want
A Tale Woven
57Madara Uchiha (Awakened)Short1334
Fortitude & Resolution-1854
58Madara UchihaShort1396
Fortitude & Resolution-1912
59Rin NoharaLong1333
All-Loving Gaze
60Obito UchihaMedium1820
The Final Destination
61Kakashi HatakeMedium2214
Friend's Way of Life
62Kotetsu HaganeMedium1678
Tempered Strength
63Pain (Tendo)Short1810
Dawn of Peace
64Asuma Sarutobi (Awakened)Long1408
Final Words
65Asuma SarutobiLong1648
Final Words-1648
66Shikamaru NaraMedium2064
Surpassing the Master
67Izumo KamizukiMedium1406
Certainly Capable
69Kushina UzumakiShort1666
Fist of Hidden Embarrassment
Bright and Cheerful
71Deidara (Awakened)Vast1438
Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus
Finally, Friendship
74Obito Uchiha (Awakened)Short2034
Wrapped in Mysteries-2034
75Rin NoharaMedium1726
Harboring Calamity
Puppet Mastery
77Naruto UzumakiMedium1314
Taboo-Breaking Frustration
78Naruto UzumakiMedium1304
Name and Soul
79Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened)Medium1022
Taboo-Breaking Frustration
80Rock LeeMedium1400
The Path of Trust
81Itachi UchihaMedium1612
The Way of the Hero
Aspirations of Indulgence
Pure Bloodlust
84Kisame (Awakened)Short1850
Body and Blade as One
Hope for Peace
Two Hopes
87Kisame HoshigakiShort2152
Body and Blade as One
88Shikamaru NaraLong1762
New Resolve
89Obito UchihaShort2244
Wrapped in Mysteries-2244
90Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened)Medium1344
Blind Rage-1344
91Naruto UzumakiMedium1304
Blind Rage-1304
92Pain (Tendo)Long2588
Visage of Justice
Intense Conviction
Scorching Red
95Minato NamikazeLong1004
Natural Talent
96Hinata Hyuga (Awakened)Short1912
Beyond the Ceaseless
97Hinata HyugaShort2100
Beyond the Ceaseless
98Hiruzen SarutobiLong1206
Looking into the Future
99Shisui UchihaVast1242
The Elite Who Makes His Mark (Infinite Tsukuyomi)
100Naruto UzumakiLong1846
Pervading Feelings
101Sasuke UchihaVast1640
Judging the Conventional
102Sasuke UchihaVast858
Catalyst of Ambition
103Sakura Haruno (Awakened)Medium1662
Stunning Spring Breeze
104Sakura HarunoMedium2256
Stunning Spring Breeze
105Kakashi HatakeShort1424
Battle Tactician
Steel Heart
Devoted to Studies-2270
Devoted to Studies
109Hayate GekkoShort1632
Composed Dexterity
Unparalleled Genius
Battle Blade Dance
112Madara Uchiha (Awakened)Short1638
Solitary Devastation
113Madara UchihaShort1824
Solitary Devastation
114Hanabi HyugaShort2312
Daughter of the Byakugan
115Izuna UchihaLong1390
Intelligent Blade
116Obito Uchiha (Awakened)Vast1134
State of Carnage
117Obito UchihaVast1496
State of Carnage
An Eye of Mist
119Mei TerumiShort1626
Enticing Charm
120Minato NamikazeLong1642
Unfading Courage
121Tobirama Senju (Awakened)Medium1738
Judicious Master-1738
122Tobirama SenjuMedium1991
Judicious Master-1991
123Kaguya Otsutsuki (Awakened)Short2063
Between Love and Madness-2063
124Kaguya OtsutsukiShort2276
Between Love and Madness-2276
125Izuna UchihaShort1182
Wishing for Peace
127Sakura HarunoMedium1822
Rich Aroma
128Hinata HyugaShort1640
Tug of the Heart Strings
Seal of Lightning
130Hashirama SenjuVast2992
Among the Strongest
131Madara UchihaVast1734
Phantasy's Beckoning Light
132Naruto UzumakiVast2019
Happy New Year
133Sasuke UchihaMedium1456
A New Ideal
134Itachi UchihaShort1548
Truth Behind the Tragedy
135Minato Namikaze (Awakened)Long1460
Dazzling Bravery
136Minato NamikazeLong1750
Dazzling Bravery
137Madara UchihaMedium1270
Out of the Darkness
138Hamura OtsutsukiLong1034
Ancestral Lineage
139Kakashi HatakeMedium1876
Iron Resolve
Glimmering Art
141Obito Uchiha (Awakened)Long1553
Hollow Heart-1553
142Obito UchihaLong1836
Hollow Heart-1836
Sandstorm-Commanding Kage
144Pain (Ningendo)Long1602
Soul Touching Palm
145Itachi Uchiha (Awakened)Short1746
Eyes That Spin the Truth
146Itachi UchihaShort2028
Eyes That Spin the Truth
147Sasuke UchihaLong1458
End of Hatred
148Shisui UchihaLong1088
Eyes Inviting Illusion
149Kisame Hoshigaki (Awakened)Vast1245
The Tailless Tailed Beast
150Kisame HoshigakiVast1396
The Tailless Tailed Beast
Young Philanthropist of the Stone
152Juzo BiwaShort1446
Bloody Existence
Benevolent Heart
154Obito UchihaVast1300
Remnants of Despair
155Might Guy (Awakened)Long1588
Passionate Fist
156Might GuyLong1854
Passionate Fist
157Kakashi Hatake (Awakened)Short1896
Unshakeable Calm
158Kakashi HatakeShort2108
Unshakeable Calm
159Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened)Medium1778
All-Ending Thunderbolt
160Sasuke UchihaMedium2048
All-Ending Thunderbolt
With the Noble Taka
162Itachi UchihaShort1880
Brotherly Pledge
Powerhouse of Old
164Hashirama SenjuVast1520
Bravery Known Throughout the War
165Madara UchihaLong1230
The Eyes that Shook Heaven and Earth
166Konan (Awakened)Vast964
Harbinger of Doom
Harbinger of Doom
168Ino YamanakaMedium1704
Hagi in Full Bloom
169Pain (Tendo) (Awakened)Short2226
War of Revolution
170Pain (Tendo)Short2106
War of Revolution
171Anko MitarashiLong982
A Smile That Could Kill
172Kushina UzumakiVast1204
Mother's Wishes
173Madara UchihaMedium2010
Power of Life or Death
174Minato NamikazeLong1456
The Silent Hero
175Pain (Jigokudo)Medium1622
The Judge of Truth
176Kakashi Hatake (Awakened)Short1898
The Bitterness of Fate
177Kakashi HatakeShort2044
The Bitterness of Fate
178Obito Uchiha (Awakened)Medium1454
Into Total Darkness
179Obito UchihaMedium1786
Into Total Darkness
180Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened)Medium1678
The Inheritor
181Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened)Short1614
One Step to Hokage
182Sasuke UchihaShort1936
One Step to Hokage
183Naruto UzumakiMedium1906
The Inheritor
184Kakashi HatakeLong1160
The Wound Inside
185Hagoromo OtsutsukiLong1366
Sage of the Six Paths
186Sasuke UchihaShort2058
To Eternal Loneliness
187Naruto UzumakiVast2368
As a Friend
188Might DuyShort1484
Something to Protect
189Deidara (Awakened)Medium1168
Pursued Aesthetic
Pursued Aesthetic
191Sasori (Awakened)Long1856
The Ultimate Puppet
The Ultimate Puppet
193Kurenai YuhiShort1362
Welcome to the Illusion
Floating Bubble
195Madara UchihaShort1868
Falling Into Place
Everlasting Being
197Kabuto YakushiVast1608
Dragon Transformation
198Tsunade (Awakened)Short1428
Daring Courage
Daring Courage
200Pain (Gakido)Short1956
Limitless Maelstrom
201Jiraiya (Awakened)Long1226
Hidden Heart
Hidden Heart
Wind-Wrapped Talent
204Masked ManLong1542
Mad Dreamer
205Mangetsu HozukiLong1268
Wielder of the Seven Swords
206Minato NamikazeMedium1886
Swift Flash
Slashing Twinsword
208Kiba InuzukaShort1726
Well-Honed Fangs
209Torune AburameLong1352
Lurking Poison
All-Consuming Fury
211Suigetsu HozukiMedium1456
Liquid Cruelty
212Choji Akimichi (Awakened)Short1688
Fluttering Butterfly
213Choji AkimichiShort1708
Fluttering Butterfly
214Shikamaru Nara (Awakened)Medium1220
Crucial Decision
215Shikamaru NaraMedium1596
Crucial Decision
216Hinata HyugaLong1246
Path to the Ideal
217Pain (Chikushodo)Short1770
Glimpse of the Divine
Moment of Choice
219Yugito Ni’iShort1638
Unclouded Mind
Child of the Blood Mist
221Pain (Shurado)Long1134
Vessel of Madness
222Kimimaro (Awakened)Long966
Dance of Death
Dance of Death
224Orochimaru (Awakened)Short2002
Winds of Chaos
Winds of Chaos
226Fuguki SuikazanShort1716
Darkness of the Blood Mist
227Choji AkimichiMedium1418
Quickening Wings
228Kaguya OtsutsukiShort2566
Divine Madness
229Might GuyShort1376
Surging Blood
230Madara UchihaLong1552
Endless Moonlight
231Kakashi HatakeMedium1054
Silent Sorcery
232Sasuke UchihaLong1254
Violet Flame Hunter
233Naruto UzumakiShort1900
Shining Warrior of Bonds
234Jinin AkebinoMedium1082
Crushing Bluntsword
235Itachi Uchiha (Awakened)Vast1038
Eyes Gazing Over the Future
236Shisui UchihaMedium1590
Guiding Light
Ninja Tool Maestro
238Shisui Uchiha (Awakened)Medium1298
Guiding Light
239Itachi UchihaVast1284
Eyes Gazing Over the Future
240Pain (Chikushodo)Short1448
Eyes of Judgement
241Sasuke UchihaMedium1468
Long Road to Atonement
Ill-Omened Red Eyes
243Ino YamanakaMedium1740
Promise Upheld
244Ino YamanakaMedium2114
Promise Upheld
245Sakura Haruno (Awakened)Vast1174
Unwavering Feelings
246Sakura HarunoVast1366
Unwavering Feelings
247Jinpachi MunashiLong1056
Volatile Explosive Blade
248Izuna UchihaLong896
Eyes Firm in Faith
Magma Veteran-1574
250Naruto UzumakiShort2118
Proof of Ties That Bind
Wrapped in Sweetness
252Ino YamanakaMedium1334
Bittersweet Gift
253Shino AburameMedium1298
Raging Passion
Sprint Barrage
255Kushimaru KuriarareShort1358
Needle Blade
256Haku (Awakened)Short1744
Chilling Edge
Chilling Edge
258Zabuza Momochi (Awakened)Long1058
Demonic Presence
259Zabuza MomochiLong1124
Demonic Presence
260Minato NamikazeMedium1550
Flash of the Battlefield
The Fence-Sitter's Granddaughter
262Minato NamikazeShort1780
Flash of Dawn
263Kushina UzumakiLong1324
Vermillion Prayer
Reunion with Hope
Unbreakable Tree-Flower
266Madara UchihaShort1427
Path of Dreams [Awakened]
267Madara UchihaShort1528
Path of Dreams
268Hashirama SenjuMedium1810
Long-Held Dream
269Hashirama SenjuMedium1438
Long-Held Dream [Awakened]
270Kabuto YakushiLong1414
Warrior's Quest
Heir to the Ninja Creed
Lone War God
273Tobirama SenjuShort1690
Quiet Fighting Spirit
274Kakashi HatakeMedium1624
Entrusted With Hope
275Sakura HarunoLong2140
Sheer Diligence
276Kaguya OtsutsukiShort1408
Founding Goddess
277Itachi UchihaShort1760
Akatsuki Warrior
278Itachi UchihaMedium1280
Silent Night Visitor
279Sasuke UchihaShort1990
Heartwarming Gift
280Hinata HyugaLong1728
Unwavering Courage
281Hinata HyugaLong1588
Unwavering Courage [Awakened]
282Rock LeeLong842
Fighting Spirit Overflowing
Ink Drawn from the Heart
284Neji HyugaMedium1248
Burden of Fate
285Neji HyugaMedium1154
Burden of Fate [Awakened]
Figure of Serenity
287Sasuke UchihaLong1062
A Break from the Waves
288Gengetsu HozukiLong1042
Mists Over the Darkness-1392
289Might GuyShort708
Deep Crimson Youth
290Naruto UzumakiMedium1236
Shining Seafoam
291Sakura HarunoShort1480
Fascinating Beach
Solid Sandstorm [Awakened]
293Rock LeeShort1442
A Genius of Hard Work [Awakened]
Solid Sandstorm
295Rock LeeShort1468
Hardworking Genius
296Ameyuri RingoShort1450
Furious Full-Tilt Lightning Blade
298Kisame HoshigakiLong1296
Swordsman of the Raging Waves
299Third Raikage: AShort1538
One-Man Army-1878
300Obito UchihaMedium2222
Drawn to Life
301Sasuke UchihaShort1322
Parting Wings [Awaken]
302Fourth Raikage: AyMedium1584
Solid Lightning
303Naruto UzumakiShort1958
Power of Determination [Awaken]
304Killer BeeMedium1188
Engraved Words
The Shadow that Rules the Mist
Brilliant Bravery
307Naruto UzumakiShort2216
Power of Determination
308Sasuke UchihaMedium1566
Parting Wings
Steadfast Veteran-1537
Signal Flare of Revolution
311Sakura HarunoMedium906
Dancing Cherry Blossoms
The World We Seek
Hidden Ambitions
Chance Encounter Under Fire
Family Values
Pride In His Work
Many Bonds
Explosive Fury
319Hanabi HyugaShort1487
The Will of the Hyuga
320Madara UchihaMedium1320
Eyes of the Moon-1730
321Might GuyShort1574
Blue Roar
322Sasuke UchihaLong1708
Seal of Shadow
323Naruto UzumakiMedium1660
Seal of Light
Tears of the Ice Mirror-2036
325Kakashi HatakeLong1094
Severing Lightning
326Naruto UzumakiMedium1194
Indomitable Ninja Way
327Hashirama SenjuLong1806
Bravery Unrivalled
328Sasuke UchihaLong1346
Thunder of Revenge
329Zabuza MomochiMedium1682
The Measure of a Demon
330Neji HyugaShort1240
A Quiet Acumen
331Obito UchihaLong1100
Faraway Dream-1482
Wild and Free
333Minato NamikazeVast1102
Confronting Karma
334Tobirama SenjuMedium1744
Enlightened Brilliance
335Sakura HarunoMedium1746
Standing Equal-2376
336Asuma SarutobiMedium1182
Master's Teachings
337Naruto UzumakiShort1606
Proof of Bonds-2286
338Shisui UchihaShort1618
Hero Without Glory
339Obito UchihaVast1480
Despair of Loneliness
340Kabuto YakushiLong1076
Craving for Wisdom-1398
Ingenuity Reborn
342Sasuke UchihaShort1926
Hints Leading to the Truth
343Itachi UchihaLong1416
Proof of Will-1896
Words of Conviction
Black and White Lurking in the Earth
346Naruto UzumakiLong1354
Two Suns
A Bridge to Help
The Will of Blooming Flames
Root of the Great Tree-1604
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Unchanging Embodiment
352Sasuke UchihaLong1156
Darkness of Deep Hatred-1548
Thousand-Mile Perception
354Sakura HarunoShort1796
Heroine of the Battlefield
Successor to the Ninja Sword
356Fourth RaikageShort1938
Savage Lightning-2516
Proclaimed Ideals
358Terumi MeiLong1284
The Mist That Melts All
359Killer BeeShort1922
Completed Jinchuriki
Tendo (Hammer of Pain)-1472
True Arts
The Will of Budding Flames-2408
363Naruto UzumakiMedium1474
Child of Prophecy-1922
364Sasuke UchihaShort1504
World Within a Kaleidoscope-2374
365Iruka UminoMedium1252
Teachings of Fire
Hero of Purple Poison
A God's Messenger-1714
368Chiyo BaaLong1132
Joint Puppet Performance
Way of The Ninja
370Naruto UzumakiShort2028
Day of Vows
371Hinata HyugaMedium1114
Day of Happiness
372Yugito NiiShort1652
Unbreakable Will-2154
373Madara UchihaMedium1798
The Vilest Name
Ultimate Training
Worshipping a Mad God-3016
Life Reavers-1388
377Naruto UzumakiLong1286
Bewitching Transformation
378Kisame HoshigakiMedium1466
Ruler of the Torrent-1936
Aspiring for Peace
Evil Eyes Beyond the Mask
381Kakashi HatakeShort1862
Unique Eyes Blooming-2376
382Might GuyMedium1126
Exploding Fists-1598
Scales of Ruin and Peace
Fleeting Tranquility
385Itachi UchihaMedium1206
Shura's Truth-1562
Acute Perception-1972
387Suigetsu HozukiShort1530
The Demon Lives On
388Sasuke UchihaLong1006
Master of Silence-1404
390Kushina UzumakiShort1124
Enveloping Kindness
391Rin NoharaLong902
Loving Gift
Melting Presence
Stubborn Will
394Shikamaru NaraMedium1646
Beyond Silence
High Winds-2198
Guardian of the Sand
397Naruto UzumakiLong568
Power of the Fourth Tail-848
The Strongest Spear
399Sakura HarunoShort1846
Beautiful Attire
400Hinata HyugaLong1506
Graceful Attire
Gorgeous Attire
Heartless Thought-2724
Corrupt Rebirth-2000
404Ino YamanakaShort1684
Like a Peony-2334
Valiant Warrior-1804
The Strongest Shield
407Shisui UchihaMedium1406
Entrusted Wish
408Sasuke UchihaShort1486
Curse Mark 2nd State-1972
409Naruto UzumakiShort1108
Nine Tails Shroud
410Kakashi HatakeMedium925
The Best Teacher-1299
A Bewitching Flute
412Rin NoharaShort2188
Overflowing Kindness-2924
413Kakashi HatakeShort1626
A Father's Blade-2236
414Obito UchihaMedium1358
To Protect His Allies
The Toad Ninja
Brimming with Brutality
417Sasuke UchihaMedium1052
Soul Shrouded in Sorrow-1602
418Hinata HyugaMedium1604
Blossoming Talent-2184
419Minato NamikazeLong924
Yellow Flash of the Leaf
420Sakura HarunoMedium1254
Unrelenting Commitment-1804
421Naruto UzumakiShort1634
Unshakeable Will-2274
422Naruto UzumakiMedium1008
Blowing Gate
Mask-like Smile
424Kiba InuzukaMedium1136
Two Headed Fangs-1370
425Sasuke UchihaShort1356
Heaven's Curse Mark-1860
426Kushina UzumakiMedium1192
The Red-Hot Habanero
427Minato NamikazeVast1298
Rapid Lightning
A Cruel Game
429Choji AkimichiShort1428
A Life Bet on Two Wings-1938
Brute Strength
Eternal Art-2322
Ephmeral Art-1756
433Sakura HarunoShort1540
Spring in Full Bloom-1822
434Kurenai YuhiMedium838
Illusionary Expert-1084
435Asuma SarutobiShort1456
All-Powerful Infighter-1780
436Itachi UchihaMedium642
Limits of his Ability-894
437Might GuyShort1574
Hot-Blooded Youth-2054
438Itachi UchihaLong1108
Beyond the Sharingan-1578
Hard Spider Thread-1715
Monstrous Ninja-959
Herculean Big Eater-1135
Aggressive Strategist-1111
443Tobirama SenjuShort1626
Father of Reanimation-2196
444Hashirama SenjuShort1206
Father of the Leaf Village-1676
445Hiruzen SarutobiMedium1212
Ninja Clothes-1782
The Sand's Final Weapon-1818
447Naruto UzumakiShort1280
Nine Tails Power-Up
448Shikamaru NaraShort1364
The Decoy
449Hayate GekkoMedium982
Crystal Clear Mind
450Sasuke UchihaMedium1324
Chidori: A New Skill-1964
Sand Clad Demon
452Hinata HyugaShort1080
A Pure Heart-1314
453Hinata HyugaShort1176
Proof of Resolution-1380
454Zabuza MomochiMedium783
The Demon Returns-1098
The Icy Mask's Blades-1195
456Ino YamanakaLong815
I Don't Want to Lose-1032
Orchestrator of Tragedy
Sand Hurricane
459Kabuto YakushiMedium1120
Amazing Regenration
The Snake Ninja
All for his Loved Ones-1170
462Kisame HoshigakiMedium1036
Monster of the Mist-1324
Kimimaro of the Earth-1138
Jirobo of the South Gate-1356
Sakon of the West Gate
Kidomaru of the East Gate
Tayuya of the North Gate
Enter the Sage-1226
469Hiruzen SarutobiLong746
The Third Hokage-980
Ninja Tool Specialist-1002
471Neji HyugaShort999
An Unchangeable Destiny-1344
472Kiba InuzukaMedium884
Wild Partners-1214
473Itachi UchihaMedium936
A Cold-Hearted Criminal-1221
474Hinata HyugaShort1110
Nice Girl
475Choji AkamichiShort1334
476Ino YamanakaMedium1011
Truly Wise-1326
477Shikamaru NaraLong781
Lazy Guy-1036
478Sakura HarunoLong828
Maiden in Love-1083
The Horror Returns-1059
480Kabuto YakushiMedium995
The Sound's Spy-1301
481Shino AburameLong735
Cold Beetle User-969
482Naruto UzumakiMedium856
The Worst Loser
The Slug Ninja-2216
484Sakura HarunoLong856
Hardened Resolve-1279
485Kakashi HatakeMedium1154
Hidden Left Eye-1890
486Rock LeeShort1517
The Eight Gates-2068
487Naruto UzumakiMedium1154
Mastered Rasengan-1944
488Neji HyugaShort1401
A Caged Bird-2084
489Zabuza MomochiMedium1136
Silence of Madness-1872
490Naruto UzumakiMedium1226
No.1 Maverick-2087
Frozen Heart-2176
492Sasuke UchihaShort1470
Lone Survivor-2620
Sand Defense-1590
494Rock LeeShort987
Never Gives Up-1113
495Kakashi HatakeMedium1224
Copier of 1k Techniques-2085

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Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide



Tap Titans 2- Artifacts Tier List (Ancients & Outsiders) Guide

Today we have updated latest tier list of Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Tier List with Ancients & Outsider as well, we searched up-to 50+ different tier list of tab titans 2 check out below .

If you are Tap Titans game players then its a great news for you, Tap Titans 2 just released few days back and offering amazing changes from old one. In old game you need level up your sword master to gain coins and purchasing heroes to fight in game.

Also Visit to check our Filler List, Watch Order & Tier List.

In this post we discuss about Tap Titans 2 tier list, artifacts list and also clicker heroes artifact and outsiders tier list 2022!

Tap Titans 2 – Artifacts Tier List

1Heroic ShieldA
2Furies BowA
3Charm of the AncientA
4Book of ShadowsA
5Axe of MuerteA
6Fruit of EdenA
8Glacial AxeB
9Lethe WaterB
10The Sword of StormsB
11Parchment of ForesightB
12Bringer of RagnarokB
13Hero’s BladeB
14Blade of DamoclesB
15Heavenly SwordB
16Book of ProphecyC
17Divine RetributionC
18Ring of FealtyC
19Helmet of MadnessC
20Staff of RadianceC
21Invader’s ShieldC
22Forbidden ScrollC
23Swamp GauntletC
24Amethyst StaffC
25Oak StaffD
26Laborer’s PendantD
27Stone of the ValrunesD
28Chest of ContentmentD
29The Arcana CloakD
30Titan’s MaskD
31Elixir of EdenD
32Egg of FortuneD
33Titan SpearE
34Glove of KumaE
35Divine ChaliceE
36Hunter’s OintmentE
37Infinity PendulumE
38Drunken HammerE

Clicker Heroes Artifact Tier List:

SrTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
1SolomonSiyalatas (idle)/Juggernaut (active)DogcogVaagur
2KumawakamaruLibertas (idle)/Fragsworth (active)FortunaThusia
3AtmanBhaal (active)BubosKleptos
6MammonJuggernaut (idle)/Siyalatas (active)Chawedo
7DoraFragsworth (idle)/Libertas (active)Chronos
8Bhaal (idle)/Pluto (hybrid)Berserker

Clicker Heroes Outsiders Tier List

SrTier Names

We have enlisted all tier list of different characters from different trusted sources like wikipedia or youtube etc, we will update tier list depends on new game version and heroes in 2022, if you are new players and searching for playing this one, we recommend our watch order guide and tier list to understand all version with characters before start!

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Tier List

PSU Tier List – Power Supplies



PSU Tier List 2021 - Power Supplies

PSU Tier List 2021:

Tier S (Platinum)

1Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro11BN255Be QuietPlatinum1200W
2MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJMPZ-C002-AFBATCooler MasterTitanium1200W
3Seasonic PRIME SeriesSSR-1300PDSeasonicTitanium1300W
4FSP Aurum PTPT-1200FMFSPPlatinum1200W
5Antec High CurrentHCG-850MAntecBronze850W
6Enermax PlatimaxEPF1200EWTEnermaxPlatinum1200W
7Corsair-AXi SeriesCP-9020151-NACorsairTitanium & platinum850-1250W

Tier A (Diamond)

1Corsair RMi/RMx SeriesCP-9020094-EUCorsairGold1000W
2Bitfenix Formula GoldBP-FM750ULAG-7RBitfenixGold750W
3Aerocool Project 7P7-850W PlatinumAerocoolPlatinum850W
4Bitfenix WhisperP7-850W PlatinumBitfinexGold850W
5XFX Pro GoldRSA00-80GAD3-USXFXGold1000W
6Corsair VengeanceCP-9020176-NACorsairSilver750W
7Riotoro Enigma SeriesPR-GP0850-FMG2-NARiotoro Inc.Gold850W
8Corsair HX/HXi seriesCP-9020070-NACorsairPlatinum1200W
9Super Power Gold120-G2-1000-XRSuper PowerGold/Platinum1000W
10Sentey PlatinumGSP1000-SMSenteyPlatinum1000W
11Thermaltake 1250DPS-TPI-1250DPCTUS-TThermaltakePlatinum/Titanium1250W
12Gigabyte Aorus AP850 GMGP-AP850GMGigabyteGold850W

Tier B (Golden)

1MasterWATT Maker SeriesMPZ-F001-AFBAT-EUCooler MasterPlatinum1500W
2Be Quiet! Pure Power 11BN631Be QuietGold700W
3Antec EdgeEDG750AntecGold750W
4Seasonic Focus Plus GoldSSR-1000FXSeasonicGold1000W
5Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermaxPlatinum550W
6Seasonic Focus GoldSSR-750FXSeasonicGold750W
7Seasonic Focus Plus PlatinumSSR-850PXSeasonicPlatinum850W
8XFX XTSCX750MXFXPlatinum1200W
9Seasonic SnowSilentSSR-750TSeasonicPlatinum1500W
10Lepa G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11EVGA G3220-G3-1000-X1EVGAGold1000W
12FSP Hydro GHG850FSPGold850W
13EVGA GS220-GS-0650-V1EVGAGold650W
14Riotoro EnigmaEnigma 850WRiotoroGold850W
15LEPA G1600G1600-MALEPAGold1600W
16Seasonic M12IIM12II-850 BronzeSeasonicBronze850W
17Silverstone Nightjar NJ600SST-NJ600SilverstonePlatinum600W
18Seasonic S12GS12G-750SeasonicGold750W
19Thermaltake Toughpower GrandPS-TPG-1200FPCGUS-1ThermaltakePlatinum1200W
20Sentey Solid Power SSSDP850-SSSenteyGold850W
21Enermax Digifanless GXPH-P550G_US01EnermazPlatinum550W

Tier D (bronze)

1SAMA Armor GoldHTX-750-B7SAMAGold750W
2Silverstone Strider Titanium SeriesSST-ST1500-TISilverstoneTitanium1500W
3Silverstone Gold Evolution SeriesSST-ST1200-GSilverstoneGold1200W
4Cooler Master GM Or GX StormRS750-ACAAB3-xxCooler MasterBronze/Bronze750W/750W
5Seasonic SSSS-660XPSeasonicBronze660W
6PC Power & Cooling Turbo CoolFPS0860-A4H0XPC Power & CoolingGold860W
7XFX TS GoldP1-750G-TS3XXFXBronze750W
8Be Quite! Power ZoneATX 12V 2.4BE QuietBronze1000W
9Deepcool DQST8545Deep CoolGold750W
10LEPA G SeriesG1600-MALEPAGold1600W
11Cooler Master GMRS750-AMAAB1-USCooler MasterBronze750W
12Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-500WFractalGold500W
13Silverstone Strider GoldST1500-GSSilverstoneGold1500W
14Rosewill Capstone GCapstone G750Rosewill Inc.Gold1200W
15Thermaltake Smart SeriesSP-850MThermaltakeBronze850W
16Enermax Revolution X’tERX750AWTEnermaxGold750W
17Cooler Master MasterWatt LiteMPX-6001-ACAAWCooler MasterWhite600W
18Thermaltake Toughpower Gold SeriesTT-PS-TPD-0550MPCGAU-1ThermaltakeGold550-1500W

Tier C (Silver)

1Seasonic G SeriesG-750 SSR-750RMSeasonicGold750W
2Fractal Design Newton R31000wFractalPlatinum1000W
3FSP Aurum ProAU-850PROFSPPlatinum1200W
4Fractal Design Tesla R2FD-PSU-TS2B-1000WFractalGold1000W
5Antec TruePower ClassicTP-750CAntecGold750W
6Be Quite! Straight Power E10Straight Power 11 | 1000WBe QuietGold1000W
7Corsair CXCP-9020061-NACorsairBronze750W
8Antec Neo ECO IINE650MAntecBronze650W
9Kolink ContinuumATX12V 2.3KolinkPlatinum1000W
10Super Flower Platinum KingSF-650P14PESuper FlowerPlatinum650W
11Riotoro OnyxPR-BA0750-SMRiotoro Inc.Bronze750W
12Silverstone Gold EvolutionST85F-GSSilverstoneGold800W
13Fractal Design Integra M SeriesFD-PSU-IN3B-750WFractal DesignBronze750W
14Zalman EBTZM1200-EBT 1200WZalmanGold1200W
15Vivo 24K24k 650WVivoGold650W
16Rosewill Silent NightSilentNight-500Rosewill Inc.Platinum500W
17XFX ProSeries BronzeP1850BBEFXXFXBronze800W

Tier F (bronze-low)

1Seasonic ECOSSR-430STSeasonicBronze620W
2Enermax NaXnENP450ASTEnermaxWhite450W450W
3Thermaltake ParisW0493REThermaltakeGold650W650W
4Corsair Gaming SeriesGS800CorsairBronze800W800W
5Be Quite! Power ZonePower Zone 1000WBe QuietBronze1000W1000W
6Corsair CX Green UnitsCP-9010048-NACorsairBronze750W750W
7XFX XTP1600BXTFRXFXBronze600W600W
8Seasonic M12IIM12II-650 BRONZESeasonicBronze650W650W
9Antec Basiq BQBP500UAntecWhite500W500W
10OCZ ZT or ModXStreamOCZ-ZX1000WOCZBronze1000W1000W
11EVGA 600100-W1-0600-K1EVGAWhite600W600W

Tier U (Carbon):

1FSP HexaHE-500FSPWhite700W
2Cooler Master Elite SeriesMPW-6001-ACABN1Cooler MasterUnrated600W
3EVGA N1100-N1-0750-L1EVGAUnrated750W
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GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List – Best Characters



GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List 2021 - Best Characters

GranBlue Fantasy (GBF) Tier List – Best Characters

Tier A Characters:

1FireMugen, Therese, Yuisis, Aoidos, Colossus, Lancelot and Vane, Teena, Tsubasa, Grea, Illnot, Magisa, Tabina, Percival, Rackam, Satyr, Reinhardtzar, Scathacha, Yuel, Abby, Beatrix, Drang, Ghandagoza, Ilsa, Kallen Kouzuki, Zahlhamelina
2WaterKolulu, Vania and Malinda, Lancelot, Yuel, Aglovale, Romeo, Shura, Anne, Aqours Second-Years, Arulumaya, Milleore and Sahil Lao, Pholia, Sandalphon, Silva, Charlotta, Diantha, Izmir, Macula Marius, Yngwie
3EarthEugen, Hallessena, Ladiva, Sara, Ayer, Aletheia, De La Fille, Medusa, Baal, Eustace, Jessica, Rosetta, Soriz, Vaseraga
4WindAlbert, Heles, Naoise, Lennah, Levi, Morrigna, Selfira, Stan, Societte, Gawain, Seruel, Kokkoro, and Aliza
5LightRosamia, Dorothy and Claudia, Levin Sisters, Mary, Sarunan, Shitori, Zeta, Amira, Sandalphon, Juliet, Percival, Silva, and Danua
6DarkLady Grey, Azazel, Tanya, Lunalu, Nicholas, Rosetta, Narmaya, Orchid, Vaseraga, Black Knights and Orchid, Joker, Kou, Seox, Veight

Tier B Characters:

1FireAgielba, Charioce XVII, Aquors Third-Years
2WaterChat Noir, Lilele, Owen, Cucuroux, Lady Katapillar and Vira
3EarthAquors First-Years, Razia, Yggdrasil, Nezahualpilli, Walder, Yaia, Catherine, Herja, Ilsa, and Jin
4WindMirin, Arriet, Gachapin, Kaede Takagaki, Korwa, Petra, Sen, Carmelina, Christina, Feena, Suzaku Kururugi, Yuisis, Juri, Sevilbarra
5LightBaotorda, Conan Edogawa, Pecorine, Cure Black and Cure White, Mikazuki Munechika, Sophia
6DarkCerberus, Forte, Lelouch Lamperouge, Marquiares, Skull, Freezie, Karyl

Tier C Characters:

1FireDanua, Aster, Gemini Sunrise, Izuminokami Kanesada, Lina, Friday, Dante, Ferry, Sutera, Miria Akagi, Naoise
2WaterMina, Ejaeli, Minami Nitta, Cailana, Leona, Lowain, Morphe and Phoebe
3EarthMelleau, Galadar, The Lowain Brothers, Nemone, Almeida
4WindHelnar, Mikasa, Mimlemel and Stumpeye, Sevastien, Shiki Ichinose, Krugne, Miku Maekawa, Sutera
5LightVermeil, Arusha, Bridgette and Cordelia, Erica Fontaine, Tear Grants, Feather, Nicholas, Tyre
6DarkKatalina, Sarunan, Shao, Will, You, Deliford, Mika Jougasaki, Elize Lotus, Meg, Richard, Zaja

Tier D Characters:

1FireNina Drango, Cassius, Karin, Mio Honda, Rosine, Alec, Barawa, Carren, Elmott, Ippatsu, Jessica, Karva, Mary, Milla Maxwell, Ryan, Stahn Aileron
2WaterKaoru Sakuraba, Ange, Camieux, Chun-Li, Erin, Farrah, Mizuki Kawashima, Naga, Rin Shibuya, Sahli Lao, Sig, Suframare, Lamretta, Mishra, Pamela, Anastasia, Ulamnuran
3EarthAiri Totoki, Redluck, Vanzza, Zaja, Augusta, Carmelina, Claudia, Juri, Kanako Mimura, Laguna, Mariah, Skull, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Anzu Futaba, J.J., La Coiffe, Mimlemel and Pun-Kin
4WindArisa, Arthur, Karteira, Keehar, Rashid, Toru Amuro, Tsubasa Kashiwagi, Eso, Robertina, Ryu, Sakura Shinjugi, Arthur and Mordred, Chloe, Goblin Mage, Hazen
5LightCeylan, Uzuki Shimamura, Daetta, Elta, Ezecrain, Johann, Philosophia, Nakoruru, Novei, Soriz, Sakura Kinomoto
6DarkKoume Shirasaka, Stan, Yuri Lowell, Zehek, Randall, Ranko Kanzaki, Luna

Tier F Characters:

1FireAnna, Sarya, Teru Tendo, Dorothy
3EarthParis, Volenna
4WindAster, Haohmaru, Syr, Joy
5LightSachiko Koshizimu
6DarkAnge, Ludmila, Rita

Tier F Characters:

1FireShiva, Anila, Metera, Athena, Zeta, Siegfried
2WaterVajra, Altair, Europa, Katalina, Lecia, Lucio, Narmaya, Sturm, Cagliostro, Grea, Lily, Vane
3EarthAlexiel, Mahira, Zeta and Vaseraga, Dante and Freiheit, Leona, Vira, Cain, Pengy
4WindAndira, Meteon, Monika, Nezahualpilli, Tiamat, Yodarha, Grimnir, Yurius
5LightJeanne d’Arc, Halluel and Malluel, Io, Ferry, Ilsa, Kumbhira, Noa, Hallessena, Melissabelle, Robomi, Zooey
6DarkRei, Olivia, Predator, Black Knight, Clarisse, Helel ben Shalem, Kolulu, Vikala, Amira, Anthuria, Vania, Wulf and Renie
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