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Megalo Box Series Watch Order Guide



Megalo Box Series Watch Order Guide 2021

How To Watch Megalo Box Series In Order?

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Scavenging for megalo box anime series watch order, so get ready yourself to read this article to know about the proper watch order guide of this series. This anime series is good piece or chunk for the people who love to watch competitive fights or action series. The series is full of adventures, rivaling fights and vying actions.

Megalo Box Series:

The anime series is about one man who prepare himself for defensive primitive fights for big competition. This series is written by Katsuhiko Manabe and directed by Yō Moriyama. One day the man (main character of the series) named Joe the Junk Dog had a fight with Yuri who was also the megaloboxing champion, when Yukiko stopped the fight later Yuri challenged Junk Dog to fight him again in megaloboxing tournament, he challenged him because he all knew about it that as a champ he can easily beat Junk Dog as per his proficient fighting experience or long fight career journey.

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To defend this challenge Junk Dog (underground fighter) further met his coach in order to seek coaching classes to join the renowned megaolboxing championship Megalonia. The plot went so on with this challenging adventure for both fighters of the ring.

Megalo Box Release Date & Chronological Order:

This anime series season 1 was released on April 6, 2018. And the second season of it was aired on April 4, 2021. It is one of the anime series who is enriched with action-pack, fascinating and dramatic fights. The chronological order of it are as given below.

1. Megalo Box (Season 1)

Type: TV
Episodes: 13

2. Megalo Box Specials

Type: Special
Episodes: 3

3. Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2

Type: TV
Episodes: 13

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Seasons & Episodes:

There are two main seasons of this anime series each season of it is having 13 no. of episodes. After not having huge public attention of season 1 of this anime a huge change in its narration was brought where Joe was renamed as Nomad with new impressive action play with improved HD quality.

Megalobox (2018):

  1. “Buy or Die?” / “Don’t Let the Simmering Fire Die. It’ll Light the Way in the Dark.”
  2. “The Man Only Dies Once” / “”No Man Has Ever Died Twice,” Mumbled the Gambler.”
  3. “Gear Is Dead” / “You’re Just Crying Sour Grapes. Machines Don’t Breathe to Begin With.”
  4. “Let’s Dance with Death” / “I’d Rather Boogie with That Babe Than Dance with the Reaper.”
  5. “The Man from Death” / “So, Where Are You from? From the Other Side. From Hell.”
  6. “Until the Last Dog Dies” / “The Midsummer Heat Might Drive a Dog to Kill, but It Will Never Break Him.”
  7. “The Road to Death” / “If You’re Crossing This River, Don’t Bother Paying for a Round Trip.”
  8. “Deadline of the Dream” / “No One Else Tells You When It’s Time to Give up on Your Dream.”
  9. “A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom” / “This Flower’s Buds Smell Rotten, Its Seeds Returning to the Earth.”
    “The Die Is Cast” / “The Dice Have Been Thrown. You Can Double Your Bet If You Want.”
  10. “A Deadmarch” / “Enough with the Gloomy Hymns. Gimme Something with Trumpets.”
  11. “Leap over the Edge of Death” / “If You’re Going to Leave Your Album Behind at the Water’s Edge, Then You Don’t Want to Cross This Particular River”
  12. “Born to Die” / “Though the Flesh May Rot, the Bones Will Remain. They Are the Proof That You Were Alive.”

Megalobox 2: Nomad (2021):

  1. “Los fantasmas tararean un réquiem” / “Apparitions hum the requiem”
  2. “La desesperación da coraje a los cobardes” / “Despair brings courage to the cowardly”
  3. “Si deseas la dañina pudrición de las raíces, no bloquees la boca del ánfora” / “If you desire the illness of root rot then do not cover the drainage hole of the pot”
  4. “Si la flor del alma florece, el amor no se perderá” / “Love cannot be lost if a flower of the soul blooms”
  5. “La tierra prometida respondió que el mesías no se quedará” / “Promised land answered that there is no messiah”
  6. “Aunque estés consciente de tu impotencia, Dios te ofrecerá su imagen para que la pises” / “Though you admit yourself to be powerless, still God offers his image to be stepped on”
  7. “El tonto que muestra su carta no es un payaso estúpido” / “The Fool that the card signifies is not a halfwit jester”
  8. “Al principio del fin, la trayectoria del arcoíris dibuja un soportal” / “Rainbow’s trajectory draws an arc at the beginning of the end”
  9. “Una sola mano no basta para vivir, pero aun así la forma de vivir prevalece” / “The way in which to live cannot be counted on one hand, even still there are ways to survive”
  10. “Las derrotas pasadas son acompañadas por señales de buena suerte” / “Past defeat is with the omen of good fortune”
  11. “Cuando te quitas la armadura que no te podías quitar, brotan las semillas de la miseria y de la dicha” / “When removing the armor that cannot be taken off, the seed of fortune and misfortune sprout”
  12. “Aunque las ovaciones se callen, la voz de los mudos no desaparecerá” / “You can’t erase the voice of the voiceless even after the applauds end”
  13. “El con alas lleva al sin alas, y el sin alas bendice al con alas” / “Those with wings carry the wingless, Those without wings bless those with wings”

Megalo box movie volume 2:

Its volume 2 is on 3 star rating in the market where the fighter with his own set of goals and limited life circle with different envisioned town sights were depicted. The movie is quite related or had somehow same plotted narration as of its anime series.

Story ARC:

The lively animation with high resolution quality, upgraded sound effects, stirring exciting fight power show in the ring, revival of Joe as Nomad, the challenging battles, prestigious championships and courage as an underground fighter till the raising fighter star are the main story arc of it.


1. What order should I watch the made in abyss movies?

Firstly one should watch the season 1 of Made in abyss after that movie to its movie.

2. Is megalo box a sequel?

Megalo box was the self-oriented series further its Megal box nomad was the sequel of it.

3. Is megalo box a sequel to Ashita on Joe?

Yes it is the classical anime series of Ahista on Joe.

4. How many seasons are there of megalo box?

There are 2 aired seasons of it.


Overall the first season of it is not as much appealing towards the viewers but the revival or regaining of its dignity or boast a great place in the market with improved provision as Nomad is the best point of this anime series. The adventurous fights, improved graphical quality with pro cinematic sound effects helps a lot in making this anime series demanding and popular with 3-4 stars in the market of manga or anima series with classical touch.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Watch Order

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3.Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next
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