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How To Grill Brats On Gas Grill?



Wowza! it’s a grilling season back in town. The ensuing favourite winter calling up all the grill lover to turn the fire of the gas grill. Let the fun begin and call up your friend’s gang for a brat grill party at your place.

Do you know what makes it more super fun? The perfectly cooked brat. Obviously, All looking for amazing amusement with some delicious food. It is not a neglected factor so make sure to select a suitable gas grill option to cook the eventually yummy cooked brat for you amigos.

But hey hey wait a sec,  what temperature do they need to be? Do you know Brats should be cooked to at least 160-165°F? otherwise, it will be a big mood spoiler.

Do not worry! Here you will get the full guide to cooking brat-roasting pro amongst your friends, family, and neighbours in no time.

How To Grill Brats On Gas Grill

What is the accurate temperature for the perfect Brats?

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If you want your brats accurately cooked then it should b grilled slowly over medium-low heat between 300 and 350°F for the best results. It should take about 20 minutes to hit your desired internal temperature of 160°F. That should take about 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the brats. Remember to turn them often so each side gets caramelized.

Do You want to grill your brats like a pro?

If you want to cook your brats every time as a pro makes sure the following thing to focus on.

Don’t buy brats in a package.  Give speciality brats made with different seasonings and flavours a try.

Don’t poke holes. Holes allow the brat’s juices to leak out as it cooks.

Don’t boil them. Boiling is an effective method for making brat-flavoured water, but that’s about it. It won’t infuse any flavour into the sausage. Stick to grilling.

What Ingredients Are Required To Grill Amazing Brats?

Be assured to choose perfect grills in good condition that has adjustable and flexible temperature settings just to cook your desired brats. As we all know a key part of grilling is getting the required ingredients ready for the event and finding the right method for creating grilled brats.

However, there is a method to the madness; certain settings to the gas grill ensures that you get the most delicious grilled brats leave you and your guests wanting more.


  1. large onion thin sliced
  2. tablespoon Olive Oil
  3. Bratwurst
  4. Sandwich rolls
  5. Tablespoon sauces

How to Grill Brats on a Gas Grill?

Now that you have the parts ahead of you, the following is a list that you need to confirm before you move on.

What Brats to Buy?

The one thing that you need to be sure of is the packaging of the brat. Avoid buying brats that come in plastic-wrapped foam trays or cardboard containers.

You’ll get good quality brats from your local butcher—the ones wrapped in regular butcher paper.

Best Guide To Grill Brats On Gas Grill

Clean Your Grill First. Keep in mind that you have not used your gas grill for a long time, it is imperative to clean the residue and the dust that settles in the cooking grates if the fas grill is not on top and clean then there is no taste for brats and the effort will be useless. Not this but make sure that it is clean after the barbecue session.

It’s time to move on to the action of grilling.

It is an assembled step-by-step guide that will help you in making the best-grilled brats. While doing so, we will also clear a lot of misconceptions alongside warning you of the regular practices you should avoid when making grilled brats.

Turn The Grill Heat On

After cleaning the grill it time for action grilling action. Heat the grill and get it ready for use; this is where gas grills differ from other grill types.

When using gas grills, it is imperative to ensure that the tank valve is open and flowing before you go to ignite the burner. This is different from a charcoal grill which relies on lighting the coals and giving them a chance of warming before setting the brats.

Try to heat only one part of the grill as it allows you to move the brats to a cold zone and maintain the balance of heat. It will also prevent the brats from overcooking and overheating.

Streaming Before Grilling

Streamin g the brats before grilling make of help to preserve the taste and make it more juices

Another mistake that people often make when grilling brats is not steaming the brats before placing them on the grill for heating.

Bratwursts need to get to a temperature as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect grilling.

Grilling the brats at a temperature as high as this will end up splitting the bratwursts and causing it to lose all its juices and flavour. Lower temperature, on the contrary, means a longer cooking time.

By the time the brats reach this temperature, they will feel and taste different because of spending too much time on the grill.

Steaming the brats allows you to safely reach an appropriate internal temperature while keeping the food as juicy as possible. Steaming the brats in beer or onion slices will infuse the taste and scent of beer into the food. Once you steam the Bratwursts, place it on the grill for it to get the perfect amount of heat.

Brush up the grill pan with oil

Just if you want to add the smoky and crispy texture to the brats, conveniently or lightly coat the grates with oil.

but keep in mind that you don’t go for extra oiling cause the oil to drip from the grates onto the grill.

There is no specification for the use of oil. Use any type of oil you want all types of oils for different flavours, including peanut or sunflower oils.

Assembling the Brats on Gas Grill

After oiling ita time to assemble the brats on the grill pan. Layout the sausages nicely or vertically by making sure that they are evenly spaced so that they can heat at an equal rate.

Try to put them all at once because this thing makes tracking cooking progress easier for you.

Grill The Brats For 15-20 Minutes

Avoid overcooking. If you want to save them from overcooking, gently repositioning each brat and flipping sides every 3-5 minutes, allow the meat to grill for 15-20 minutes.

Also, keep in mind not to place the lid on top of the grill and ensure that the brats are grilling right in front of your eyes.

There is no specific time to cook the beta it all depends on the style and way you manage to cook the evenly cooked brat. Giving their varied texture and weight allow them to heat until they don’t reach the desired level of internal temperature.

Therefore given the variation in the size and weights of the brats, there are likelihoods for the brats to vary in time of heating accordingly. This is where you need to use your judgment effectively rather than allowing the brats to heat according to the clock.

How to Judge perfectly cooked brat by Texture and Color of Brats?

How To Grill Brats On Gas Grill

To make sure tHe brat is perfection cooked its texture and colour speak for it. A perfectly cooked bratwurst will be dull reddish-brown; the skin will seem as if it is just about to wrinkle with its firmness still intact.

If you notice your bratwursts turning grey or becoming shrivelled and drawn, there are likelihoods that you have overcooked them.

It is imperative to pay attention to each moment. An internal temperature of 160 degrees Celsius is the bare minimum of getting the ideal grilled brats.

You can also notice it with the crispy touch they have to them after periods of heating.

If however, you don’t have a thermometer at your disposal you can ascertain the temperature of the brat by choosing a sacrificial brat and slicing it to get an idea of the colour. This will determine how much more times the brats need to grill thoroughly.

After making the perfect cooked judgment about brats airs time you serve the brat and enjoy the taste.


Lastly here come the serving of brats. serve the brat the way you want as the yummy brats are ready to cook. You can enjoy Bratwursts as a solo dish or on a steamed bun with a squirt of mustard and ketchup.

Mix them with caramelized onions and bell peppers will present even more flavour.

Pair them with Salads like potato and chilli and baked beans. Whatever the style you choose to eat all are let you taste buds dancing as it amazing in cook and ley you groove with your friends as it best dish on all the gathering by grilling it in the perfect way.

Before further reading please watch out for our portable gas grills under 100.

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