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Key Features of the Revenge Demon Hunter Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight



Starting to play World of Warcraft, you need not only to delve into all the subtleties and main mechanics that change from update to update, but also to study thoroughly your class and its specialization in order to constantly progress on your hero.

You can read guides or patch notes, buy WoW gold to invest in your equipment or weapons, and become a more conscious and experienced player.

Demon Hunter Class

General information about the Vengeance Demon Hunter class

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This is one of the most mobile characters in the game, who can very quickly approach his opponent and attack him and nearby targets.

The main feature of the class can be called the ability to restore one’s health at the expense of the enemy’s resources, which is why specialization is called the same way.

The character has one of the strongest magical defenses in the World of Warcraft, can independently replenish his health at a fairly fast pace and reduce incoming damage due to personal absorption.

Warcraft Dragonflight

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Change in patch 10.1 for the Vengeance Demon Hunter class

Due to the fact that the developers cut the potential of the Onyx Ring for all heroes due to additional stones and bonuses by about 40%, many classes received minor improvements to their skills to compensate.

Demon Hunter has an average 4% increase in ability power.

Revenge Demon Hunter

Main Benefits of the Vengeance Demon Hunter Class

One of the most mobile heroes in WoW, who can not only quickly overtake the target, even with active negative effects that slow down movement and a number of skills for a direct jump on the target and instant rapprochement.

  • There are many debuffs for Mythic zones that reduce the effectiveness of the boss and weaken his defense. For personal survival, there is health regeneration and magical protection, which will increase the chances of surviving fatal damage from mistakes on the part of the player.
  • Consistently strong damage with high potential to not let go of your target through a series of tricks.
  • Due to the unique Fragility skill, you will impose it on enemies and restore 10% of health from all the damage that you yourself inflict.
  • A completely self-sufficient hero in terms of farming, personal survival, self-leveling, selection of professions and general independence from other players if such gameplay is desired.
  • Strong magical effects for attacks and defense.

Weaknesses to consider when playing as a Vengeance Demon Hunter

  • You need to form at least three builds for hunting, PVP and raiding and combine skills in favor of damage reduction and personal survival.
  • You can’t learn all the quality talents, and you have to make choices and experiment by dropping builds regularly.
  • Single damage is far from the strongest without overclocking talents and builds.
  • If you do not correctly and consistently combine your skills, then the overall effectiveness of all skills can be significantly reduced. It takes experience and consistency.

The main skills that you need to pay attention to when forming a build

Fragility is a skill that is activated on the enemy as a negative effect, and 10% of all damage dealt will be returned to you as health.

Elysian Decree – Place a debuff on an enemy that activates after 2 seconds and deals dark damage to them and nearby targets.

Fire Brand is a debuff that stacks the effect of fire and deals 200% fire damage.

Rift – a series of strikes on a target with the task of inflicting physical damage and pulling souls out of a non-stock of skill combinations.

Soul Cleaver – if you have a supply of souls, or the ability to replenish them, then you can deal enhanced physical damage through combinations of blows.

Devastation Fel – If the enemy is affected by the effect of the Fire Brand, then you can unleash additional damage from the power of fire.

Seal of Fire – You place an appropriate seal under the feet of an enemy that takes effect two seconds later and inflicts immediate fire damage, followed by burns over time.

Soul Cleave – Inflict a powerful dark strike on five nearby enemies, absorbing several Soul Fragments and restoring up to 50% of your health.

Rift – if you have several fragments of the soul, then you can inflict a series of dissecting blows on the enemy with physical damage.

Throw Blade – Use your ranged attack to deal damage to your opponent from a distance. The skill will ricochet on one more nearby enemy.

Characteristics and their main priority for the Vengeance Demon Hunter character

Each hero has his own special parameters, the development of which will greatly enhance his combat capabilities.


This is one of the three main attributes that accelerates the potential of the class if it has such an orientation.

Agility is an attribute for all heroes that use bows and daggers in their attacks.

The parameter allows you to increase the overall damage, the probability of inflicting critical damage and enhanced damage.


Despite the fact that the Demon Hunter is a very mobile character and has a number of skills that help to quickly get closer to the target, but the parameter must be developed and made a priority.

Firstly, speed will help you maintain overall mobility even in the presence of negative effects and not lose momentum.

Secondly, haste increases the attack and casting speed of magic skills. For you, these are two important parameters for the accumulation of souls and for the implementation of physical skills and for the procast of seals and other magic.

Critical hit

All classes that are considered combat and damage dealers must upgrade their probability and critical skill power.

This is the chance to deal double damage and the potential to disperse his power.

This format goes well with increased attack speed and allows you to at least double your damage, especially in protracted battles and during raids.

Critical chance and damage extends to skills, and if your hero combines his attacks between normal strikes and skills, then all damage will increase drastically.


This is an indicator of the overall attack and defense, which increases depending on the levels.

When you use daggers for fast attacks, any increase in overall damage will result in a drastic increase in overall damage. Protection will be just a nice addition to the already high magical protection.

Usually, the universality parameter is postponed until later. except perhaps tanks and healers, but your overall damage and attack speed are too high to make an effective combo out of them as this secondary parameter for many.

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This is a parameter that directly affects the overall effectiveness of skills.

Attacking skills can have a greater effect and damage, negative ones will more often pass on opponents even with a high magical defense.

For amplifying effects, the parameter makes it possible to trigger twice in a row, or have double the timer from the total action.



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